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Why You Are Failing With Women

The following is a true story…

The other day I was hanging out with my buddy Joe. During the course of the evening, we met a couple of attractive girls around where I live.

Things looked really promising…The one with me was really cute and the girl with Joe looked like she was really into him. In fact, she was sending ALL the signals of interest. All Joe had to do was make a move and she would be his!

So what happened?

Well, after spending about a half hour on the beach alone, Joe comes back with this girl who immediately tells her friend ‘We gotta go!’

Needless to say, this totally *interrupted* my night!

After the girls left, I asked Joe what happened. Here’s an almost word-for-word description of what he said:

‘Dude, we were walking hand-in-hand on the beach. I wanted to make sure she was interested in me, so I pulled out my cell phone and showed pictures of my kitten back home. Then I started talking about how much I love animals…’

I was literally SPEECHLESS!

Here he was holding hand with an attractive girl ALONE on a beach and he starts talking about freakin’ kittens!!!

This girl was practically giving him the ‘Kiss Me’ signal and Joe decides that he needs to still work on creating attraction. Furthermore, instead of doing something that could increase the sexual chemistry, he pulls out the ‘nice guy’ routine and even takes a step into ‘creepy guy’ territory.

Now you might be wondering: ‘What does this have to do with me?’

Well this story about my friend Joe left me wondering about all the little things that guys do which hurt their success with women. And as I discuss on my website, you NEVER fail because of your looks, or financial situation or age.

It all comes down to your attitude whenever you’re around a woman.

Truth is Joe failed because he thought that the girl wanted a nice guy, even though she was already interested in the fun, awesome person that he normally is. In essence, she wanted the fun, flirty guy that’s naturally attractive to women. Joe failed because he second guessed his instincts and tried some lame gimmick.

When you’re around women, you don’t have to do some elaborate routine just to impress her. In fact, all you have to do is know how to create the RIGHT kind of conversation.

I’ve found that a naturally attractive guy knows how to flirt. His conversation skills contain that perfect balance of fun versus seriousness. Furthermore this guy should be interested in a girl but not TOO interested.

To give you an example, here a few qualities of the attitudes that women WANT from a man:

1) He doesn’t seem overly interested

2) He isn’t afraid to tease and be a little playful

3) He acts like a gentleman, but is not a ‘Sugar Daddy’

4) He lives his life on his own terms

5) He takes bold action

These are just a FEW qualities of an attractive guy. The point I’m trying to make is you might be failing with women simply because you don’t give women what they really want in the men they date.

In order to truly succeed with women, you have to embrace all the traits of a high status man. PLUS, you need to understand how to talk to women. This means flirting and creating that sexual chemistry that’s necessary for creating attraction.

So don’t be like my friend Joe. When you’re talking to an attractive girl, focus on establishing that fun, flirty vibe that can quickly attract her interest.

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