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What Women Look For In A Guy

So what do women look for in a guy?

I’ve been getting dozens of e-mails on this topic lately.

There are a gazillion different things that women say they want.

If you try to be everything and anything then you will fail miserably, not to mention the fact that it will take you a very long time time.

So how do you become the guy that women look for?

It’s a lot easier than you think.

Just focus on developing the handful of characteristics that will make you BECOME the guy that women naturally want.

Here are some of them in my experience:

1. Become a renaissance man

It’s time to rediscover and redefine yourself. Here’s a short description I found on the internet. A renaissance man is considered a man at the center of the universe, limitless in his capacities for development.

Do something new every single month. Do something adventurous, dangerous, or exciting and live to talk about it. Pick up a book every two weeks and read it. Make your life an open book. And don’t forget to make it an interesting book.

Make it a routine to continuously be learning.

Boredom is the enemy.

2. Dare to Dream

Another thing that women look for in a guy is ambition.

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something in life. From experience, I can always tell the people who are ambitious from the ones that aren’t. It’s hard to explain over in text, but it’s sort of like a gut feeling. Lean more toward the energy that they give off.

I think this is one major factor for women who are looking for a commitment. Women crave men who are ambitious. They smell this quality a mile away. There are a lot of ways ambition can be conveyed. The most obvious one is the way one talks about life.

3. Self-assuredness

This is similar to being confident.

This is conveyed with the way you speak and carry yourself. How do you move through the world? Are you afraid to take up space in the world? Or are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you let bad criticisms get to you? Or do you accept them confidently?

A simple test would be a woman giving you a hard time about something you either wear or do, now how do you respond to it? Do you get all offended and convincing her that you’re a cool guy deep down inside? Or do you just accept it with a smile, say “thank you”, and move on to the next topic?

4. Keep em Guessing

Another thing that women look for in a guy is unpredictability.

Unpredictability is the spice of life. Being predictable takes the excitement out of a relationship or interaction. It’s not good to be too unpredictable either. It’s good to create a contrast in your personality. At times be romantic and shower her with attention and the next day treat her like one of your buddies.

It’s fun.

They get all excited when you do this.

5. Assertive, Firm and Strong

Do you assert your wishes on others? Do you make sure that you’ve got everything under control? Do you bargain your way into getting something you really want? Do you take a stand a support it fully?

6. Sex God

It is no secret that women love men that are great in bed. Women are sexual beings just like we are. They enjoy sex as much as we do. Sex releases endorphins and it relaxes the body. Women like men that can give them a wonderful experience. They also like men that know exactly how to press their buttons and provide satisfaction.

These are some of the most important characteristics you should work on to become a guy that women look

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