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What Woman Can not Resist in a Relationship

It would not be surprising if an online date end up in romance. So men, watch out what women want in a relationship. What makes her tick would ensure a happy and healthy relationship.

While there are many different things men do that turn off women, there are also things men can do to make things right. Once you do right by your woman, your partner will never think of leaving you in the long run.

Lets talk about the obvious first. The whole process starts with the meeting and becoming acquainted with each other. This is the point where you discover each others interests and talk about yourselves. Keep in mind that women always want to be complimented about what they are wearing, their hair and everything nice about her. It makes them feel important.

However, do not talk about controversial subjects, instead open a light conversation. It could be about movies, music, good food, sports, etc. It is also advisable to listen and respond once in a while.

The getting-to-know stage is over and eventually you become romantically involved. Always express thoughtfulness. Women admire men who are thoughtful. If you say I love you, be consistent. Meaning, if you say it today, say it every day.

When you are in a relationship both partners should exert effort to keep your love alive. You do not have to say it, really, you can express it. It is called body language, gestures that exhibit warmth and passion for each other.

Based on studies, womens body language expresses more than half of what she truly means and oftentimes even more than words. Observe of these hints from the way her body talks, but it is up to you to decide how to act on it.

Though a relationship should be two-way, women are aware that men are by nature polygamous. Usually, the difference is that can always conceal their social status. It is like when he gets out he may not appear as a person in a current relationship. It is not that women do not trust men, but it is what they are! Women always wanted to have to assurance that there is no other but her in a mens life.

Even then, women always want to be appreciated. It is their nature. So you may tell her it was great she came into your life. This is one thing every woman wants to hear from her man, the difference she has made in his life, and altogether make her feel she loved and wanted.

Women always wanted to be assured that she truly means to you and that the relationship would remain healthy and would grow with time, as much as possible forever. It is not telling men to be full of surprises up on their sleeves, but once in a while give her something she would love to have or take her out to see her favorite show or treat her out to dinner in a restaurant she dreamed of eating one day.

This is important because as your relationship grows and develops, both of the partners become too familiar and predictable. And this is the reason why you must surprise her once in a while. This will keep the relationship more exciting and the passion will always remain.

rodrigo rehn is a linux systems administrator, web programmer, php developer and ceo of faceromance free online dating.

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