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What to Do to Get Ex Girlfriend Back From New Boyfriend

One of the hardest things to face in life is when you lose someone you love to another person. She used to be your girl, and now she’s on the arm of someone new. Because you still have feelings for her, this is hard to accept. That’s okay, this is a perfectly normal reaction to your situation. However, just because she’s in someone else’s arms right now, doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a reconciliation with you.

You’re looking for some good advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back?

Take the following into consideration:

Think About the Reasons You Broke Up

Before you do anything about getting ex girlfriend to take you back, you need to first examine why you two broke up in the first place. Relationships don’t come apart without something causing a rift between the two of you. You know what was said (or not said) between you both.

Was she the one who lost interest in the relationship first?

Or, were you taking what you two had for granted?

Did you guys argue a lot?

If so, what did you argue about most?

Did one of you cheat on the other before breaking up?

Now is the time for you to peel back the layers of your relationship with your ex, and truthfully list all of the reasons why you feel the relationship ended.

Does She Still Have Feelings for You?

Was it an amicable break up, or were things pretty bitter before the end?

A woman usually leaves a man because she feels under appreciated for some reason. You need to think about if there were things that she did that you failed to acknowledge. I know this can be a bit confusing, because often a woman won’t say why she’s feeling disappointed in her man.

But, just because she left you, and is currently seeing someone else, doesn’t mean she’s completely forgotten about you. In order to find out if she still loves you deep down, and wants to be with you again, you need to have an open line of communication with her. This doesn’t mean bugging her with constant messages. It means, that you two can get to a place where you occasionally share small talk together.

If she shows signs of interest in you, and your current comings and goings, then there may still be a chance to re-ignite her interest in you again. Remember, there was a reason why she was attracted to you in the first place.

Work on Your Own Happiness

Get out a notepad and write down a list of things that you can do for yourself, that will improve your quality of life. Work on a favorite hobby, take a class in something, go out to dinner with friends, volunteer in your local community, etc. It’s important that you keep doing things that make you smile. When your ex sees that you too are happily going on with your life, she’ll begin to see you, once again, in a positive light.

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