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What it Takes to Get Back Your Ex

Internet forums and relationship advice websites are filled with people looking for tips on how to get their ex back. They have all been dumped for different reasons, but they all seek an instant solution to their problem. Unlike going to the doctor when you are sick, there is rarely a cut-and-dry prescription for cases like these. You have to play to the needs of each person and this means adapting a strategy that will get your ex’s attention and make them realize you are the one for them. Here are a few things you’ll need to be successful.

Confidence: It is safe to say that your ex left you because they felt they could have a better life without you. So why would they take you back if all you are doing is crying and begging for another chance? The sympathy card might work with your mother, but it certainly won’t convince your ex that there are better times ahead. You need to be confident in yourself and your own life goals before you can attract them back. Ever hear the saying that confidence is contagious? Once you show the world that you can stand on your own, your ex will see that you have are ready to take on the challenge of winning their love and respect.

Creativity: While it would be nice to find a magic word or action that would instantly fix a breakup, the truth is it takes more than a love poem to get back in your lover’s arms. Sending flowers might help you bring a smile to their face but you are going to have to be more creative if you want to seal the deal. Think of ways to draw attention from your ex and keep them thinking about you. This isn’t always easy if you aren’t talking. In these cases you have to find ways to break down the communication barriers so that you can pour on the charm.

Psychology: The real key to winning an ex back is getting back into the forefront of their mind. You want to do things that will keep them wondering where you are and what you will do next. You can do this by showing up unexpectedly at social events you know they are at, or by sending them funny messages that will remind them of the good times you had together. It is important not to get too pushy during this time. Using humor is great way to get them to let their guard down so you can connect again. If you try to be too romantic then they might get defensive and push you away. Work on establishing trust first and slowly move on to the flirting.

Getting your ex back is much more of a mental then many people realize. Those who spend their time buying gifts and constantly sending text apologies are likely to be disappointed in the end. The most effective strategy to win back love is to help your ex see what they are missing and make them believe that things are different now. If you can make them want you again then all you have left to do is live up to your new promises.

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