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What Guys Love About Girls: The Deciding Factor

You know that there are some women who just seem to be successful with men. They’re the ones who have little to no difficulty in attracting attention from the men that they want attention from. And usually, they have no difficulty in keeping those men attracted to them, too.

Well in this article, I’m going to divulge the most important thing that those women do. It is the quality they possess that all guys love

Something you may have noticed about these women that they’re not necessarily the most beautiful, brilliant, or best-dressed, either.

And you know what that proves? Something you’ve probably been told many, many times before (but haven’t really believed): that THE EXTERNALS AREN’T THE IMPORTANT THINGS.

It’s not looks that count. It’s not a great job, either. It’s not a huge social circle or glittering social life. And it’s not a beautiful house or perfect holiday home. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or what kind of car you drive.

None of these things make a hell of a lot of difference to men – I mean, if they’re dating someone who just happens to have one or more of these things, then great. What a fun bonus!

But none of them are the DECIDING FACTOR.

I’ll tell you what the deciding factor is. The knowledge that you are enough in yourself to attract any man you want, it’s called self confidence, and men love it.

Here’s a basic truth for you: you attract to yourself what you think you deserve. If you’re a confident woman who knows that she deserves the best, then the best is exactly what you’ll attract to yourself.


Because self-confidence isn’t something you can hide from anyone. People can tell what sort of a value you place on yourself. And it’s this value – your own worth, as you see it – that “teaches” other people how well they should treat you.

So, if you know you deserve the best – really, truly know it – then the best is what you’ll get. On the other hand, If you expect to be treated poorly, then you will be.

You can’t hide what you think about yourself – it always shines through. And that self-belief is what decides how other people treat you, too

Let me give you a hint. A confident woman knows she doesn’t need to try to impress anybody. She knows she’s “good enough” just the way she is. So she never jumps through hoops, plays along with head-games, or tries to win anybody’s approval.

And this is a powerfully attractive way to act! Women who are selective – who have their own standards, who think about whether men are good enough for them – are in demand. They’re intriguing, mysterious and attactive.

Now, I’m not trying to tell you to act like a snooty little princess, or to be super-picky and require men to bend over backwards for you because that’s hardly mature behavior, is it?

What I’m trying to say is that men find you much, much more attractive when you place a high value on yourself, and act according those standards.

For example, if a woman with high self-confidence and a high self-worth suspected that the man she was seeing was seeing other women, too – and if that wasn’t something she was happy with – then she wouldn’t beat around the bush, or get upset.

She’d say, very calmly, something like, “It seems to me that you might have a different idea of the parameters of this relationship than what I do. If we’re going to be intimate, then I expect exclusivity – otherwise, I’m not interested in pursuing this further.”

No threats. No crying. No raised voices or immaturity.

Just a simple statement of fact: if you’re not prepared to give me what I expect as a minimum standard of behavior, then I’m not interested in you.

Respecting yourself, knowing what you want, and communicating that to the men in your life: THOSE are the secret weapons of attractive, “man-successful” women.

Don’t worry if you don’t know automatically how to behave in this powerfully attractive way. It’s not something that you have to be born with. You can LEARN how to be unshakeably confident, and learn how to apply it to your dates and relationships in a way that’ll have you reaping instant rewards. Just learn it. Good Luck!

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