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Weddings Top Four…

Weddings are such a fun thing to experience in life. No matter who you are, lets face it, Weddings are fun to not just go to, but to be in! So how do you make sure you’re Wedding is the Wedding that everyone is talking about months later? Here are some sure fire ways to not only make a memorable day for your guests, you and your spouse, but to also really remember for the months and years to come.

First off, a Videographer, they are the new hype in the Wedding industry now a days. All you here about lately is “I had my Wedding video done just like a Hollywood movie!” and “Cinematic Wedding Videos are the way to go!”

So what exactly is a Wedding Videographer? Well, like a Photographer, a Wedding Videographer is capturing not only still shot photos, but who is also capturing your Wedding day in motion. Snap shot photos are of course wonderful to have at a Wedding, but let me ask you a question. With a snap shot, can you hear a speech from the Best Man and Maid of Honor? With a snap shot, can you watch you and your new Spouse dance to your first dance song, that same dance you practiced so many hours rehearsing? Or, can you hear the vows given by your Spouse during you Wedding Ceremony? The answer is No. With Photography you cannot capture life in motion, but with Videography you can!

Make sure that when you are picking a Wedding Videographer you watch their demos and check out their style and make sure that it is a style that you would like portrayed in your Wedding Video. Many Videographers now a days are very versatile and will easily be able to capture that perfect country Wedding, or a hip-hop Wedding and will be able to make the video personalized to you and your Spouses personal style and taste.

So make sure, when planning your Wedding that you first book your Videographer. Wedding Videography is becoming quite popular, quite fast and sometimes there are not enough Videographers to go around.

Other important things to consider while planning a wedding are the color and theme of the wedding. Guests can tell when attention to detail is not paid attention to. Make sure that the colors of your Wedding fit the time of year and the theme of the Wedding. Saying that, also make sure that the food fits the theme of the Wedding and colors as well. For example, if you are having a country Wedding in the summer time in the mountains and the colors are purple and green, a good choice of food would be a barbecue with potatoes, salads and rolls. Another example, a winter Wedding in the city with the colors beaming gold, silver, black and white deserves entrees including fish and shrimp, pasta salads, etc.

So make sure that you first find that Videographer that meets all your needs then make sure to really watch you themes, colors, and foods, as those are the top four thing to really pay attention to for planning a Wedding.

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