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Wedding Like The Stars….

Wedding Videography is the new Photography. No a days all you hear about is how awesome Wedding Videography is. So what is it? Not everyone knows about it… yet! Let me give you some insight to how amazing Wedding Videography is and how much you’ll want it at your picturesque Wedding day.

First off, Photography is great. You capture beautiful still shots that can be remembered forever. However, Videography is just a step above that. Not only can you capture amazing still shots of your beautiful Wedding day, but you are also able to hear voices, speeches, laughter, music, etc. Instead of seeing a still shot of you and your new spouse dancing that first dance together, you’ll actually see the beautiful dance, your hear the emotional music, and will see the sweet tears.

Videography allows you in years to come to put the DVD into your player and watch the wedding day as if it was right before you. No more missing those small special moments anymore! With a Videographer rolling the camcorder at all times, you’re sure to never miss a thing. Videographers are special people, who have to not only roll the camera, but has to make sure that the feeling and emotions felt that Wedding day is transferred over appropriately to film.

Taking footage and setting it to the music and style of your choice in the background, a Videographer goes though usually 16 hours of footage and brings back those special moments and emotional feelings by selecting scenes from the brides getting ready to the venue and shots of the decorations, to the ceremony, vows, tears, guests, dinner, first dance with your new spouse, dances with your parents, cake cutting, garter

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