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Wedding Dresses From Men’s Point of View

When it comes to weddings, it is the always the women’s point of view that is scored and quartered. Haven’t anybody thought about asking men what they would like their brides to wear when it come to wedding dresses?

What Men Would Like If They Had the Chance

When women shop for their wedding dresses, do they ask the opinion of their grooms? Most would rather surprise their men and anyway choosing the wedding gown is their right. Ask any woman if she would let her man decide what she should wear for the wedding rites and get a baleful glare in return. The wedding dress is the be all and end all and it should be as perfect as the stunning gown in their minds. Why let men ruin their fairytale?

But hear it from men. They love to ogle women in tight fitting pants and micro mini-skirts but when it comes to their women, they are stricter than the Benedictine monks are. So it’s not unusual if men would love to have their brides wear wedding dresses that:

* show curves but not much skin
* have moderately low necklines
* have no thigh high slits to distract other men
* are simple with less frills
* traditional in cut and design

But not all men have the same tastes and some men do have some weird ideas of women’s fashion especially wedding dresses. The avant-garde will approve a racy wedding gown or something out of the traditional culture.

Men’s Point of View

When it comes to women’s wardrobes men have a lot to say about the following:

* spandex under dresses
* pointy toed shoes
* leggings worn under dresses
* Uggs
* huge drugstore sunglasses
* short shirts worn over tight pants

What does your man hate about your style? You know by his pleadings not to wear those crazy fashions he cannot understand and those volcanic red lipsticks, Fidel Castro hats, pregnant look, crocs, and hottie shirts that drive him batty. As a compromise, hear what he has to say about your wedding dress but be prepared to argue.

Perhaps your man wants you all covered with a high necked gown and your slender arms sheathed in long white gloves when you want an off-the-shoulder creation. It would excite him to watch you do a special striptease for him during the first night you share as husband and wife – that is if you still have the energy for some blood racing and adrenalin pumping private show.

Maybe he loves your legs and would want the world to know what you got so he will ask you to wear a mini wedding dress even when you want a princess gown. Well, this will have you mourning over the fairy tale wedding dresses you have designed since you were a little girl, but your man has a point here, right?

Would You Agree to His Fantasies?

Crazy as it may seem, women do forego their dream wedding dresses when they like the idea of wearing something out of the ordinary that goes with the wedding theme. If you love him too much, then say goodbye to fairytale wedding dresses if he wants a beach party themed wedding.

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