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Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets-Years 10-12

A wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion to celebrate the day that two people exchanged vows and became a family. If you want to give the couple a gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. This is a creative, personal way to send best wishes to the happy couple. As each anniversary has certain gifts, colors, and flowers attached to them, it may be helpful for you to know what these are so that you can incorporate them in your gift basket.

The tenth anniversary is one of the milestones of married life. The traditional gift for this occasion is tin and aluminum which represents the durability of the marriage as well as the flexibility. The modern gift is leather (or imitation leather) which also symbolizes the durability of the long-term union. The flower for the tenth anniversary is the daffodil which represents joy, happiness, and cheerfulness. The sweet pea is also associated with this occasion and symbolizes blissful pleasure. The colors are silver or blue.

To create a tenth anniversary traditional basket, you can include items such as tin antiques toys, tin boxes filled with money or a gift certificate, and tin wall decorations. You can also purchase a set of aluminum pie pans as well as a roaster pan. For a contemporary basket, you can purchase leather clothing, leather book binders, or a leather briefcase or purse. For an antique basket, you can trim the basket with dull silver ribbon and sprinkle sweet pea around it. For a more colorful theme, you can use bright silver and blue ribbon and place daffodils around it.

The traditional gift for the eleventh anniversary is steel which symbolizes durability and strength. The modern gift is jewelry, the diamond and the onyx being the two gemstones associated with this anniversary. The flower is the lilac which represents first love and the color is turquoise.

To create a traditional gift basket, you can purchase stainless steel silverware, a stainless steel wine rack, or even a stainless steel wallet. You could also include stainless steel napkin rings, candlestick holders, and stainless steel wine glasses to compliment the dinner table. If you wish to include jewelry in your gift basket, an onyx ring or necklace would be an acceptable gift. Unless you are a close family member, diamonds are probably inappropriate. Since turquoise is the color that is associated with this occasion, turquoise jewelry would also be acceptable. Bright turquoise trimming and lilacs scattered around the basket would be a colorful touch.

For the twelfth anniversary, silks and linens which represent the home are the traditional gift while pearls are the contemporary one. The flower is the lily that represents beauty, purity, and hope and oyster white is the color.

To create an anniversary basket for this occasion, you could include towels, washcloths, or bedding. You could also include silk clothing as well as silk accessories for the household, such as curtains or a silk flower centerpiece. For a contemporary gift basket, you could include seashells in your basket design as well as gluing pearl-shaped white beads around the rim of it. If you decide to do this, you may want to finish your basket with ribbon that is a different color than oyster white. A darker color will make the pearls stand out more. You could purchase an imitation pearl bracelet for her and a pearl keychain for him to place inside two of the shells. You could also include pearl-shaped bath oils and other bathing accessories. If you wish to trim your basket with the oyster white then you should scatter several lilies around the inside that are not white. Too much white can make your basket appear to be bland.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can use the information about anniversaries to create a unique and meaningful gift basket. Let your imagination run wild and see where it will lead you. Happy basket making!

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