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Want to Get Laid? Say Goodbye to These 4 Hang-ups

Pretty boy, athletes, geek, nerd, punk, rocker all terms used to describe different types of guys. Some are flattering and some are meant as insults. For too long in dating guys have been thinking that in order to get laid they have to adopt a different persona or become some other person. I have had friends pay thousands of dollars for a full “degeeking” makeover, losing their glasses and spending their savings on expensive designer brands, thinking that the clothes make the man.

Want to know what my friends got out of their makeovers? Over drafted bank balances no dates and definitely no sex. The problem with getting laid is not about your clothes, though that does play a part. If you are looking to simply get laid with women, you need to understand what women think and how you can improve your chances of hooking up with them.

1. Self Doubt: Want to know something that most love gurus will not tell you? If you are not getting laid then you are the problem, sorry to tell you this guys but I believe in tough love. Think about it for a moment. What thoughts normally go through your head when you see a beautiful woman you want to hook up with?

– I’m not good looking enough for her.

– I’m not rich.

– I don’t have six pack abs.

– Their is no way a girl like that would ever want a geek like me.

– I just cannot win against the competition.

If these statements sound like the ones running through your head you will never get the courage to walk up to a woman and you will not get laid anytime soon!

2. Be a Little Selfish: Women love the nice guy as her best friend, shopping buddy, pal to talk about her boyfriends with, but she does not want to get laid by him! If you are looking to hook up with women, learn a little from the bad boy, rocker and rapper. These guys get to juggle multiple women and have women begging to have sex with them. Listen to any famous song written by a guy in rap or rock, the song is full of boastful lyrics, telling women how great they are and how great sex with them is, showing how confident they are in their abilities. If you want to get laid, you need to be just as confident.

– Be willing to dress a little differently or act a little differently women love men who are willing to stand out instead of blend in.

– Guys who sit around, talking and saying what they plan to do are boring, take action and be spontaneous.

– Sometimes deferring to a woman is romantic and a great way of building a connection but guys who can’t seem to make any decisions without the advice of the girl their on a date with come off as too needy and suffering from a mothering complex.

3. Mingle with Women: This one should be a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many guys I have given advice too who seem to think their perfect dream woman is just going to fall out of the sky and at their feet. If you want to get laid, you have to go out and frequent places where women are! Clubs, parties, libraries, stores and even online dating sites are great places to find plenty of single women. Once you find women that you have an interest in you still have to approach them.

– Catch her eye and smile.

– Use body language to show your attraction.

– Notice if she holds your eye contact or keeps looking in your direction.

– Approach and use a pickup line or icebreaker.

– Make small talk, flirt and ask for her phone number.

4. Use the Setting to your Advantage: If you are at a party or friends home, hooking up can be as simple as finding an empty room with a lock. However, if picking up a girl from a club or other public place you have to be able to get her willing to come back to your place or accompany you to a motel.

You should also be aware that your best chances of getting laid now are going to increase when you go out during the weekend. Women with jobs are not going to risk being late to work by going back to your place the night before. Plan for any scenario and use it to your advantage. If she has a drink and cannot drive her car home, offer to give her a ride, you will look like a gentleman and up the chances that you can get laid tonight!

buddy franklin is a dating advice guru. he recommends: get laid, get laid now, want to get laid

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