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Unwanted Breakups, How to Get Him Back Wanting You

You have been crying for days, crying yourself to sleep. You fall asleep, with him in your dreams, excited to wake up only to realize that you are alone. How many years were you together? For the four years of your relationship, have been through numerous breakups, how to get him back was never in your vocabulary because you know he would always come back. But this time it is different. He was the one who broke up with you.

1. Know the reason why you want to resurrect the relationship. If it is because you just need somebody to call on your own then don’t pursue it. It will just die no matter how many times you resuscitate it.

2. Why did the relationship end? Was it because of one major argument or the little petty things that just got blown out of proportion? Analyze your dynamics as partners. From how you value the relationship to how you value yourselves.

3. Get him to talk to you one last time but before you do this you must take control of your emotions. Admit your mistakes. Say sorry for all your shortcomings, for the times you have hurt him. Say thank you. Thank him for making you happy. Thank him for all the times that he was the one who wipe your tears and paint a smile in your face. Tell him this break up gave you the time to think things over and that even after weeks of your breakup, how to get him back is still what you want to do but you just don’t know how.

– This is the crucial part. Men are emotionally handicapped so he wouldn’t know how to react. But you have to remain composed and don’t push him. Just say your piece and leave.

– Let him think it over. You want him back but you don’t want to jump into the water for the wrong reasons.

4. Afterwards, cut all forms of connection from him. This would make him think about you and your relationship. Men do not want to be pressured into committing into a relationship. Let him have his time to think things over. This will make him realize how much he misses you and how much he wants you back.

5. Now get your life back in shape. Make yourself a better person. You may want him back but your life does not have to stop. In this day and age, men want their partners to be strong and independent. He wouldn’t want you back if he sees that he still has to take care of you. Once he realizes that you have become a better person, he will see this as a signal that you are ready for a relationship.

Even he was the one who asked for the breakups, how to get him back in your arms would be a thing of the past. He would be the one begging for you to take him back.

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