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Typical Russian Women Scams To Recognize And Avoid

You need to be very careful when dating beautiful single Russian women for marriage. Sometimes she is not at all who she claims to be. In other cases, she may be just a creation of the Russian dating agency where you saw her profile.

With that in mind, here are some typical scams that you need to watch out for. Some are done by the woman herself, and others are done through the Russian marriage agency that you may have chosen to use.

Money For Internet
With this scam, the Russian single will simply ask you for help with her costs. She will claim that it is expensive for her to buy internet time, or to pay for the translations of letters back and forth. If she is using one of the Russian marriage agencies, there is absolutely no truth to this at all, since she is not charged for anything! If she is using an independent service, there may be some truth, but it is still a scam.

If she is more sophisticated, then independent Russian dating agencies may contact you on her behalf. They will simply state that you have been corresponding with their client Natasha Snakekiller and she has a bill due to this correspondence or translations, etc.

Do not believe these message, nor give in to them. Chances are, your Russian date is writing to many, many other men and saying the same things. The hope is that you will just pay and not even think about this, since it is only for a small sum of money (usually $30-50).

Money For Tickets or Visa
This one can get a little more complicated. However, the bottom line is that her letters will become much more amorous and you may be led to believe that she has fallen in love with you. Her letters may even become sexually suggestive. This is a clear warning in and of itself. She may even state plainly that she wants to become your Russian marriage partner.

She will claim that she wants to be with you. Then she will bring up the possibility (if you have not already taken the bait) of her flying to your country. Of course, she will need money for the plane tickets. This is the basic version. She may also ask for extra money that needs to be shown at customs, otherwise they will not let her enter (because they do not see means for her to support herself).

All bogus. There is no such requirement for Russian beauties to enter your country. It is just simply a trick to get you to send her money. If you send it, she will either immediately stop all further contact with you, or will try to get more money out of you. Maybe even come up with a sob story of being in a car accident or being robbed or mugged and losing some of the money you sent. Do not fall for this!

Another variation of this is that she may claim to have a friend at the embassy or at a travel agency. Of course, this friend can help to facilitate the process of helping her get a visa or plane tickets much faster. Again, another lie. She may be able to get a tourist visa, however, they do take some time to set up and she needs to go through an interview. It is by no means certain. If she sends you a copy of a visa she has supposedly obtained, you can verify this with the consulate where it was issued. Do this and you will see it is a fake.

Money For Medical Expenses
Or for some kind of operation or emergency procedure. Very old and over used if you ask me. I am amazed any level headed guy still falls for this one. If she is a little bit inventive, this could be tied together with several others. Such as being involved in an accident of some type. If she is really good, maybe even another one of her friends will contact you to inform you of these events, after a brief but noticeable period of no contact (while she was in the hospital, of course!).

This could also be tied into a robbery story. Or she might even say something about the Russian mafia. Unbelievable, but true. Again, it amazes me that these actually work on occasion.

Interpreter Scam
This one is very insidious. This is where an interpreter or other agency employee is writing letters on behalf of the woman. In most cases, the woman does not even know who you are. Or perhaps you wrote an introductory letter and she decided that she was not interested in writing you.

The interpreters at many agencies are paid based on how many letters they write. So, one of them may decide to invent a correspondence. In this case, the only letters that are real are yours. And your intended woman will never see them.

You can avoid all of these scams rather easily. The bottom line rule is to never send money to a woman you have not met. That simple.

Of course, when dealing with the last scam you are paying the agency and not the woman directly. In this case you need to take steps to verify that you are writing a real Russian woman, and that she really knows who you are (and is interested in you)!

Finding a beautiful Russian wife is indeed very possible. However, you need to educate yourself about the process and understand what some of the obstacles are. Then, they can all be avoided rather easily. The problem is that most men interested in this process simply do not know what they are up against.

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