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Top 10 Tips in Dating Body Language

If you have trouble working out whether or not your date is interested in you, the top 10 tips in dating body language could be exactly what you need.

1) Eyebrow Flash

The very first signal a person will give to indicate that they are attracted to someone is the ‘eyebrow flash’. If you notice your dating partner’s eyebrows briefly rise and fall when they see you, this is a sign they are instantly attracted to you. If not, don’t worry – it only lasts a moment so can be difficult to spot.

2) Smiling

Dating is all about finding out if you can enjoy being in your date’s company, so hopefully it will be obvious that your date is enjoying yours. A broad smile which reaches the eyes is a sure sign that your date is enjoying themselves.

3) Pointing

If the person you are dating is interested in you and engaged with what you are saying, they will unconsciously angle their body towards you. If someone is wary of revealing their true feelings, they may try to control their body language, but their feet will usually give the game away. If your dating partner’s feet are angled towards you, that is a good sign.

4) Mirroring

Mirroring is the term used to describe how people tend to copy the behaviour of a person they are attracted to. If your date is mimicking your movements or gestures then this is a sign they are interested.

5) The Triangle

With new acquaintances, we tend to look just at the eyes in a zig-zag motion. With people we know a bit better we might include the nose and mouth to create a small triangle. If your dating partner’s gaze starts to create a larger triangle, including the mouth (perhaps even lingering there) and other parts of the body, this can be a sign they are interested.

6) Eye contact

Strong and frequent eye contact can be a positive sign that your dating partner is attracted to you. However, if your date is shy, a lack of eye contact could still mean the same thing.

7) Self-touching

If you notice your dating partner lightly touching or stroking their hand or arm for example while talking to you, this can be an unconscious signal that they are interested in you.

8) Blinking

If the person you are dating likes you, their pupils will dilate and they will blink more often. However, pupils also dilate in the dark, so try not to get the two mixed up!

9) Grooming

If the person you are dating smoothes down their hair, adjusts their clothing or makes an effort to sit up straight, these are all good signs which show they care about putting across their best self to impress you.

10) Physical contact

If your date touches you gently, for example on the arm or back, this is a very positive sign which shows they feel comfortable with you and are happy to develop a warm and informal connection.

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