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Top 10 Reasons Why Good Women Chase Bad Boys

1. They think they can reform them

Women have always had a problem with making excuses for bad behavior. We “see the potential” in the bad guy and think “ if we love them enough” they will become the “prince of a man” we just know in our hearts they can be.

2. They think they are different from all the other girls

Women think the bad boy is bad because they haven’t had THEIR special care and loving. They think THEY will be the one to turn this bad boy into a good boy. They think their love is different and again try to do more things than they should to capture acceptanct and love from this kind of guy.

3. They think having something bad is better than being alone

Women are naturally relationship oriented. So even a bad relationship is better than no relationship at all…some think. Let’s face it – there’s allot of fear out there to getting back into the dating scene. Most do NOT enjoy it. Where do they look, how do they know the next person is being truthful, how many months do I have to get to kow this person to get to the place I’m already at with this guy? So they figure “at least I know what I’ve got”.

4. They are problem solvers

Some women take these men on as “projects.” It gives them purpose in their life. Working on someone else prevents you from really taking a look are yourself and working on improving your own life.

5. They think it’s exciting

OK come on – bad boys cause drama and definitively give you something to tell your girl friends about around the water cooler in your workplace. They often take risks and include you in that game. It can be addictive “living on the edge”.

6. They have low self esteem

Some women actually think they deserve to be treated badly. Maybe it’s a pattern from childhood? So they look for someone to fill that job.

7. They think bad boys care more than they do

Some women mistaking think controlling behavior and jealousy are part of someone showing how much they care. It does NOT! When you care you allow your partner to have independent interests and ideas and yes even friends.

8. They think bad boys are sexy

The media covers us in every form possible with the message that bad boys are sexy. They are the ones in videos getting the beauties, they are the ones talked about in the news, talked about in realty shows. They are usually sexually experienced and let everyone know it.

9. They know bad boys rock conformity

Want to shake things up with your relatives or work buddies? Bring home a bad boy. Some women purposely go after bad boys because they haven’t had the courage to rock conformity – so they do it thru a bad boy.

10. They know bad boys seldom commit

SO it makes women work harder, longer, make promises to yourself, go wishin’ and hopin’ and feel like you are the one to capture this bad boy. If you really don’t want a commitment – chase after bad boys and then you can use THEM as the excuse when others ask why YOU aren’t married.

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