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Tips to Give the Perfect Wedding Speech

It’s widely known that public speaking is a very common phobia. So what happens when it’s your turn to speak at a wedding? Whether you’re the one getting married or you’ve just been asked by the couple to share a story, getting up in front of all of those people to make a speech at a wedding can be intimidating and overwhelming.

First, take a deep breath. Making a wedding speech isn’t as difficult as you might be making it out to be. A wedding is a time to celebrate and the people attending won’t be focusing as much on your speech as they will on the entire night in general. What you speak at a wedding, guests aren’t expecting you to be perfect. So relax, read how you can make a great wedding speech and enjoy the night without stressing over your public speech.

Where to start when you’re writing a wedding speech

Before you get around to writing the actual speech, jot down a few fun memories you have of the couple. If you are the bride or groom writing the speech, tell a short story about how you met. Remember there are a variety of different people in the audience, from great grandparents to young children, so make sure the jokes and stories you decide to use aren’t rude or offensive. If you can’t think of any fun anecdotes about the couple, it may be easier for you to speak about how right they are for each other and how happy you think they will be in the years to come.

Your speech doesn’t have to be too long. Something short, sweet and to the point works best.

What to include in a wedding speech

Depending on part you play in the wedding, there are some important parts you need to include in your speech.

Father of the Bride

The father of the bride toasts to the bride and groom. He also welcomes the groom’s parents, relatives from both sides of the family and says a few words about the bride.

Best Man

The best man speaks on behalf of the bridesmaids. He also adds humorous and interesting commentary about the married couple.

Maid of Honor

Although a speech by the bride has become more common, the Maid of Honor may take this position as well. The Maid of Honor speech thanks the couple, includes a short story about the bride and their friendship and makes any thanks on behalf of the bride.


The groom’s speech takes the opportunity to thank the parents, relatives and guests for their attendance and gifts. He also thanks the bridesmaids on behalf of himself and his bride.


Although traditionally the bride doesn’t make a speech during the reception, it has become more common. If the bride does choose to speak, she usually outlines her feelings on the day, her thanks towards her bridesmaids and her new husband.

Helpful Wedding Speech Tips

If you don’t feel comfortable memorizing your speech, bring index cards with keywords that you can refer to.

Try to make as much eye contact with the crowd as you can.

Keep your speech short and sweet.

If you’re nervous, just say so. Apologize ahead of time if you happen to stumble on your words and ask the crowd to bear with you.

PRACTICE. Read your speech in front of a mirror than ask a friend to listen. Get comfortable reading it aloud in front of people before the big day.

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