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Three Simple Steps to Writing Your Groom Speech

If you want to learn about giving the perfect Groom speech then you’ll want to read this article, which takes your through the three simple steps required to write your groom speech. Specifically we’ll discuss how to write your speech following the correct structure so that you include everything you need on the day, polish the first draft of your groom speech so that you can speak it without tripping over your tongue, and preparing yourself to give your speech perfectly on your wedding day. After reading this article, you should understand the entire process and be ready to start right away.

The first thing is to make sure you include all the following points in your groom’s speech to ensure your cover everything and thank everyone who needs to be thanked.

* Thank the bride’s father
* Thank the guests for coming and for the gifts
* Thank both sets of parents and present the mothers with a small gift
* Compliment your wife
* Thank the best man
* Toast the bridesmaids

Sit sown with pen and paper and write down one or two sentences for each step based around the structure and you’ll have competed your first draft. You may vary from this structure to include anything else that is relevant, but ask yourself if really fits into your speech and if not delete.

Once you’ve got your ideas down you need to start polishing your speech. The quick and easy way to do this is to read it aloud and start making changes to make it easier to say and sound like something you would say naturally. That means abbreviating words when you say them – ‘are not’ becomes ‘aren’t’ for example – and remember that what works on the page may not sound so good when it’s spoken. After you’ve been though your groom speech a few times and modified it in this way your final draft is complete.

Now you have your speech written you must rehearse it for the big day. Don’t worry if you hate speaking in public because once you’ve said “I do” the hard part of the day is over and you can enjoy your wedding reception. Do make sure you try and mentally put yourself in the room the reception will be heard and practice projecting your voice to the back of the room. Also be sure to move your gaze to include everyone in the room while you speak. To beat those final nerves, practice slow steady breathing, a technique often used by stage actors before they perform.

In the information above you can see that the steps involved in writing, polishing and rehearsing your groom speech for the wedding day are very straightforward. Simply knowing the structure of the speech helps immensely, and once you’ve got down some of your ideas and personalized it, it starts to come alive. Remember that your speech doesn’t need to be long, it is more important to include everyone that is expecting to be included.

the groom speech is one of the highlights of the wedding reception. remember that this speech is fairly straightforward, and that by following just a few guidelines you’ll be able to get out of it unscathed and entertain your friends and family as well. if you enjoyed this article you can find out more about wedding speeches at http://www.simplyweddingspeeches.com

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