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The Wedding Dresses Essentials For Dummies: Made Even …

No arguments necessary: As a bride, you ought to have a basic understanding of wedding dresses and their various styles. Being blind to these things is simply inexcusable.

So, where should you start? Why, research, of course. Learn as much as you can about the silhouettes, the cuts and the designs. Explore the hue options for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Cram about cuts as you would for an exam. Maybe these tips would help:

1. Consider your body shape.

Your wedding day is not about the dress. It is about you. Choose designs that flatter your figure. Is your body type an hourglass, triangle, rectangle, or inverse triangle? Each type of figure has a specific cut that would flatter it best.

2. Your waistline

As they say, wedding dresses are also all about your waist. Again, this would vary on the body type. Women with larger hips ough to go for high-waisted bridal gowns, such as the ever-notorious empire-cut waistline. You could also try the princess seam.

Busty women should have their waislines farther from their busts, as possible. The Basque waist is perfect, being lower than the natural waistline.

Hourglass-shaped women are luckiest of the bunch. You can show off your natural waist with ease and comfort.

3. Neckline

The sweetheart neckline? Perfect for bosomy brides. It perfectly accentuates your enviable assets to a T. For the not-so-busty few, square necklines, spaghetti strap or strapless designs do the trick.

And now for the skirts. Don’t fret, ladies, this will only take a moment to learn.

1. Sheaths

It seems to be tailor-made for women with slim, balanced figures. This one, is merciless and unforgiving and is made only for a select few. Sheaths DO not conceal anything. So you better think twice before taking this dress on.

2. A-lines

These types of skirts flare gracefully from the waist to form an “A”. This is the safer choice. A bit more forgiving than the sheath, A-lines are extremely popular — and rightfully so. It can flatter just about any body type.

3. Ball gowns

If you associate yourself with this word: short, then this one is not right for you. The ball gown’s full skirt may be a bit overwhelming — more so, if you lack a bit more, uh, height.

Ball gowns give off a royal-feel. Picture Disney Princess-ish style. However, you must note that princess-bride wannabes have a price to pay if they pick this as well. The crinolines and slips are extremely heavy and bulky to wear.

4. Empire-waist

This one is more casual than those mentioned above. They are light and flowing an not fussy to wear at all. For pregnant brides, this may be the gown you would want to use. These type of dresses will not draw in as much attention to your belly as much as, say, a sheath would.

Had enough? That’s not the last of it. Don’t think you’re off the hook that easily. The next things you have to consider are your wedding favors and bridesmaids’ dresses. Both should complement the wedding dresses you have so meticulously grabbed, and not the other way around.

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