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The Secret To Staying Together Is Not Letting Your …

When a relationship is new and fresh everything seems brighter. Life is easier to live. That is simply how we are as people. It feels good to feel that you are important to someone. And that is even more special when you feel the same way about the other person.

And if the relationship continues and love grows we are likely to decide that we are staying with that individual for now and possibly forever. The problems usually come up later.

You see initially it is very easy to remember what type of flowers she likes and birthdays would never be forgotten. But as time goes by it is much easier to put other things before the little things.

To some of us the little things may not matter. We might overlook the fact that a birthday or anniversary is missed. But deep down most of us want to be remembered. It is not the point that it is our birthday it is the point that our special someone thought so little of us that they forgot our birthday.

This is even more hurtful if in the beginning our significant other was one of those wonderful people that believe in gifts for no reason. Then as time goes by we are thought of less and less often.

It could be said that we begin to take each other for granted and no longer feel the need to do the little things. It could be that our feelings have changed. But in most cases what has happened is that the relationship has gone stale.

We have become so comfortable with each other and with the circumstances in our life that we overlook the little things that once were so important. Think back to the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Chances are that you simply could not get enough of the other person.

I myself have had relationships like that. I wanted to be with him as much as possible. But over time I think the routine and responsibilities of life changed my enthusiasm. My love did not fade but my outward expressions did. Basically, I did little to display the love I felt.

This was not one-sided, not that that makes it acceptable. But I think we were both overwhelmed with responsibilities and instead of teaming up to console one another we withdrew into our own spaces.

However, the good news is that my partner and I realized the problem. We talked about it and worked on it. Of course at first it seemed that the efforts were not heart felt. After a short while we found that by pushing ourselves to do what we thought would bring our relationship back to life we started doing those things without thought again.

I am talking about little things here. We found that we did have the time and energy needed to fit that stuff into our life. Work at it. When we were at our worst we had to force ourselves to have real conversations. It seemed that we only discussed what had to be discussed.

Our relationship is stronger than ever now and yours can be too!

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debbie allen is an internet marketer writer.

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