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The London Dating Guide: Who’s Your Perfect London Guy?

In a city known for its diversity, it’s no surprise to find a variety of micro-cultures, but which one is your ideal man?

Dating the… Shoreditch Indie Kid

If you’re unfamiliar with the type of man who inhabits Shoreditch, think Agyness Deyn in male form. The Shoreditch man is heavily into his music and has a unique fashion sense, which he uses to display his individuality. His creative mind means he’s likely to be an artist, designer or musician.

If you’re into gigs in grungy pubs and modern art, this may well be the man for you. But watch out, that knitted, age 8 reindeer jumper you donated to Oxfam may come back to haunt you in the form of one of his “looks”.

If you’re dating him, look forward to cool underground clubs and bohemian cafes, but expect to pay your own way, he’s far too liberal for chivalry.

Dating the… City Banker

If your idea of dating is being wined and dined, the city banker is for you. He’s well dressed, well spoken and well educated.

He’ll treat you like a princess and you won’t even have to think about opening your purse while you’re out with him, but beware if he’s sporting slicked back hair and slightly arrogant persona.

Great if your ideal date is supping champagne and nibbling on fois gras, but probably not interested in hearing about your latest Primarni bargain.

Dating the… East Ender

If you like your men a little more manly, consider The East Ender. A proper London lad, dating him will help you brush up on your cockney rhyming slang.

He knows London like the back of his hand and will be able to take you on a tour of all those places you never knew existed, probably culminating at charming old fashioned pub. He loves his family and would never consider moving out of ear shot of the Bow Bells, so if you love the capital he’s the one for you.

He won’t take you to The Ritz, but if you like your men rugged, consider a trip down the Queen Vic.

Dating the… Richmond Gent

As his name suggests, the Richmond man is a true gentleman and the perfect dating companion.

His idyllic countryside location means he’s laid back and, like the East Ender, close to his family. He enjoys sport and if you’re lucky he might take you to Twickenham to watch a game of rugby.

His ideal date would be enjoying good food and good wine, probably by the river side. If that sounds like your perfect dating scenario too, the Richmond gent may be your perfect London guy. However, some find his lack of edge a little boring.

Dating the… Central London Media Mogul

This man is king of the blazer with jeans look, oozing sophistication.

He likes a drink after work and going to industry events, where he knows everyone. A bit of a charmer, as that’s what he spends most of his time doing with his clients, he’ll treat you well but don’t get too sucked in.

Dating him is a world wind of the latest clubs, bars and members clubs, but his methods may be a little calculated for the girl next door type.

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