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The Joys Of Using “Kino” On Women

The term Kino is very important to understand when you are just beginning to learn seduction skills because Kino is basically the science of touching a girl while you are complimenting her on a specific quality you love about her.

Kino is primarily used as a way of escalating her to new levels of sexual excitement when you are leading her down the path of making sure she desires you as much if not more than you desire her.

Kino is a great way to never allow yourself to get in a girl’s friend zone at any time, and I would make sure it was an integral part of my initial approaches with a girl every time I make that first step if I were you.

When you first begin approaching women, look for any way possible to lightly touch her on the arm, around her elbow, just to get her attention.

This also will make her feel that you do this with all people you come into contact with, her included. Your first priority in establishing rapport and comfort with a girl is to use Kino as a way of ensuring to her that you are comfortable with her, and vice versa. The way you feel about her can directly influence the way she feels about you.

Kino Is Perfect For Developing Instant Rapport

That’s why Kino goes much further in establishing an intimate relationship with a girl over any other method known in the seduction community. Try saying something like, “That’s a pretty cool ring you have there,” and immediately take that ring hand and examine it much more closely.

By holding her ring hand in your right hand, you have established to her that you have no trouble getting close to her within a few minutes of talking to her. And it also helps when you have a genuine interest in something she is wearing so you can convey that interest to her through physically touching her body without seeming like a pervert.

After you have talked to a girl for about five minutes and she has not moved away from you, nor has she removed your hand from her in any manner, it is time for you to step up the amount of Kino you are demonstrating on her.

Say something like, “You know, you really look like you could use a hug. Here,” and gradually put your arms around her hips and lightly pull her into you. If she is still resistant to you, move your arms back to your side and say, “Maybe you don’t need a hug yet, but if you’re a good girl, you might earn one.”

Time To Warm Her Up

You have to say this to her with a smile on your face, otherwise she might not take your insinuation to her that she has to earn a hug from you extremely well. This technique will turn even a negative reaction from her into something positive for you to use on her because she will now have to earn the next hug from you because of her bratty behavior she has shown to you be moving away from your hug.

The final step of implementing correct Kino skills with a girl you are having an initial conversation with is to escalate the location of where you are touching her. For instance, while you started touching her on her elbow, you should gradually work your way to her back shoulders, and then let your hand fall casually to her waistline.

Then you can let your hands run to her hips and let them stay there at least for 30 seconds at a time. This will allow her to think of you as a potential lover, and NOT as “just friends.”

Like anything else in life, you have to practice great Kino skills with every new approach you start with a girl, so start using this great technique today!

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