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The Influential Polish Women

The suppression and inhibitions clamped on them gave way to Polish women of submission, great wives, and homemakers. The Polish women are considered pillars of family while multitasking. They work outside the home but have not lost touch with taking care of the family.

Ironically in a country of many cultures, non-Polish women were the most important in early history. Queens and princesses who were married to Polish kings and dukes were from abroad. The royalty of Poland went out to marry royalties from other countries because the royals were only for the royals. The royals in Polish could never marry with commoners.

As such the case was Polish women were known as wives of kings and rulers especially in Scandinavia. Several women of foreign origin were significant to Poland and its culture. The polish dynasties of Piasts and Viking rulers were of mixed blood. Swietoslava, the daughter of Mieszko 1st and Dovbrava, was considered in Scandinavian sagas as Sigrid the Haughty, Gunhilda, or Storrada. She had a story of her own.

There were other Polish women worthy of note in polish history. This all the more made Poland rich in culture. The Polish women have played a great part to set the example in what was and is Polish women of today. In recent history there were more Polish women who figured prominently. There is Madame Curie of the physical sciences.

Polish women today have made their niche in present society. They have learned how to take care of their husband and children since Polish society take a high priority for raising children the traditional way. Even if the Polish women of today take on jobs like their husbands, the primary responsibility of taking care of the husband and the children is still theirs.
The Polish women have become handy workers through the years. They have learned to fix things in the house which otherwise would have been a man’s job. But they appreciate it if the man of the house will do the chores.

Due to their childhood training, they remain faithful to their husband and they should love only one man. The Polish women are taught the monogamous marriage. But at the same time, they have equal access to education. Today also some Polish women if not all have attained higher level of education more than men their age. Many professions which have more men than women in it such as engineering, architecture, university teaching, have more Polish women employed than women in the west. Poland has a higher percentage of women in mens profession than anywhere else in the West.

There were about 60 percent of women in the medical professions than there were men. Presumably in many households during the 1980s, there were many Polish women earning than their husbands.

With the end of Communism in the country, a new debate took on as to the role of Polish women in society. Most of the Polish people would rather have Polish women go back to where they belong, that is the home. The women of Poland were forced to work thereby weakening the family during the time of Communism

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