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The Imaginary And Self-Destructive Types Of Relationships

There are two types of relationships that many women today find themselves in, but aren’t really aware that it’s a one-way ticket to heartbreak and disappointment. Take a look at these two bad types of relationships and see whether your own relationship falls under either of them – and know what to do about it if it is.

The “Imaginary” Relationship

Have you ever experienced thoughts that your relationship with a man can only be ideal if:

•…he gets beyond his qualms and uncertainties of his commitment to you?
•…he eventually accepts his emotions for you?
•…he just left his spouse or girlfriend?
•…he wasn’t so far away?
•…he’d just take the time and discuss his wants and his feelings to you openly?

If any of these are true, then the likelihood is you’re in an “imaginary” relationship. This kind of relationship is full of “gaps” in the guy’s presence in your relationship. These so called gaps are filled with your daydreams and fantasies. Regarding how the man thinks and how he feels for you.

Fact: a number of men don’t really consider the important things. Things like your long-term relationship. Women on the other hand think about this vividly. Do not get mad. It’s just not part of some men’s emotional psyche. Such guys are referred to as resistant men. These men feel more macho and manly when they have an escape plan in a relationship.

If you’re certain that the guy you’re dating fits this type then be kind to yourself and cease everything. Instead, find someone who can help you figure out the questions listed above.

The Self-Destructive Relationship

Finally, there’s the self-destructive relationship. This is the relationship wherein you are with somebody that isn’t right for you. Actually, he might even be violent, disinterested or two-timing. However, even if you know this, you still can’t seem to leave him.

It is probably because you seem to have a mysterious attraction towards jerks. Perhaps you are more afraid of being alone than being in this type of relationship. Whichever way, you are most likely dependent on your partner. You can’t seem to be able to live without a man beside you. You think that a man is the answer to your problems or he can give you the answer to your problem.

If that’s how you think, then you might be in a futile wait. You must first accept that you are probably the source of the predicament. No solution will present itself on your lap.

You must have a set of core values and beliefs. These beliefs and values should guide you in your life. Your sentiments are merely in a condition that’s opposite to these values and beliefs. This in turn attracts the wrong kinds of men to you. You have to fix your emotional state. Prioritize the more important things in life.

The key is to have your identity in position. Do not be ashamed of showing it. In this way you can have better judgment and in return be able to attract the right kind of man.

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