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The Boyfriend Block

“I have a boyfriend” is an often-heard defense mechanism put up by women. It may be true. It may not.

Sometimes it is nothing more than her informing you that she isn’t interested anymore. She has already made her decision about you and doesn’t need to spend anymore time with you.

You may ask “Well, what if she really is in a committed relationship with a guy?”

She probably was in a relationship when she met this guy she is currently calling her boyfriend.

My point is it doesn’t matter. If you can stir up those ATTRACTION embers in her she won’t be talking about boyfriends.


Target: “I have a boyfriend.”

Mack: “I’m sorry… I don’t know you well enough yet to do a therapy session. I’m sure things will work out for you two.”

Target: (probably laughing) “I thought maybe you were trying to pick me up.”

Mack: “Really?… Maybe this whole boyfriend routine is YOUR attempt to pick me up.”

Target: “I don’t pick up men!”

Mack: “I’m not surprised — you’re not real good at this.”

Target: (looks of surprise…maybe some more laughing)

Mack: “If you’ll answer five things for me I’ll know a lot more about you. Actually, I’ll know more about you than any of your friends, even this supposed boyfriend. Maybe then I can help you with this boyfriend problem you’re having.”

Target: “I’m not having a problem with my boyfriend.”

Mack: “Then why are we talking about him? … Listen. Are you familiar with the psychiatrists’ Ink Blot tests? …”


You should see these situations as opportunities to have some fun, even if you don’t have plans to pick her up. It’s good practice first of all and if she has fun with the interaction I can guarantee at least one of the two following things will occur:

1) She places you in her POTENTIAL folder.

2) She tells her girlfriends about you and how unique and interesting you were.

Capitalizing on either of these situations will depend on how you exit the encounter. That’s why it’s important to know all the MACKnificent Strategies. Some are designed for the INTRO. Others were designed as a FOLLOW-UP.

The MACK Predicting Strategy is more of and ON-DEMAND demonstration that illustrates a “special” link to a woman.

Where MACK Profiling is quite entertaining for a woman, MACK Predicting takes the next step in showing her that you know her better than she knows herself. She will start thinking you know her thoughts and she won’t be able to forget you.

You should make special note that there wasn’t even a hint of “nice” in the above interaction. That’s what she was counting on when she threw up the boyfriend block. A herdsman would have apologized or turned tail and slithered off followed by a condescending smile from her.

When ANY block is thrown up, turn the tables on her. Tease her! This will tell her you are not one of the herd. She may step back and rethink her initial impression. Even if she doesn’t she could be a great source of targets for you.

Mack: “It’s good you aren’t trying to pick me up — I can tell you’re not my type. Maybe you have some great looking girlfriends that do NOT have psychological problems involving boyfriends?”

Have fun with these encounters. Enjoy yourself!

learn mack predicting along with mack profiling and the other macknificent strategies at http://www.bestinfofound.com

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