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The 4 Types of Women You Should Never Date

Not all girls are created equal. Some are smarter than others, some are prettier, and some are just plain crazy.

So how do you cope when you find you’ve hooked up with an unbalanced woman?

If your unhinged chick is otherwise perfect, you may well want to give the relationship a go – but, before you commit to anything, you need to figure out what her issues are and how you can deal with them.

I’ve addressed the most common problems below:

The Clingy Chick

She’s the girl who sends you text messages on her way home from your first date. It seems sweet and flattering at the time, but before you know it you’re being inundated by texts, calls and emails all demanding to know where you are and why you’re avoiding responding to her.

You’re going to have to tell her straight that you need your space. Cushion the blow by assuring her that you do really like her and that you love hearing from her every day or two, but remind her that you’re a very busy man and won’t always be available to chat. Never promise her a message if there’s a chance you’ll forget to send it.

The Jealous Girl

Her ex was a bad boy, so now she assumes that you are, too. In social situations, she doesn’t leave your side. She sulks when she finds out your workmates are female. She has even started checking your cell phone for incriminating messages and unfamiliar feminine names.

Point out that while her preventative measures do make it impossible for you to cheat, they also make it impossible for you to prove that you can be trusted. Tell her that you can’t and won’t avoid talking to other women, but that she’s the only one you would ever flirt with. And don’t think that lying about who you (innocently) talk to or work with will make for an easier life – all your hard work will be undone the moment she uncovers the truth.

Your Future Wife

She knew the instant she met you that you were destined to be together; you need a little bit longer before you start hearing those weddings bells!

Deal with this as quickly as possible. Tell her you’re crazy about her and that you really hope you’ve got a future together, then explain that you want to let the relationship evolve at its own pace. Agree a time when you will talk this over again – say, six months from now, or a year.

In this situation, lots of men start stressing their point. Every time their girl sees a baby or hears her friends are engaged, they cry, ‘Thank heavens that’s not us!’ Don’t do this – you’ll only upset her. Accept that she knows how you feel about things and stop rubbing salt in her wounds!

The Real Crazies

When talking to unbalanced women, the trick is never to insult them or to imply that they have a problem. Explain what you need done right, rather than what she is doing wrong. Don’t play her games. If she has mood swings, ignore them. If she cross-examines you, keep your temper. Don’t give her reasons to get more upset.

If you’ve tried the tricks above and she’s still bombarding you with phone calls and proposals, you have to accept that you’re never going to change her. And if your date is making you miserable, ask yourself: do you want to stick around?

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