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Teaching Him to Share His Emotions

If making a man understand how you truly feel is difficult, how much harder would it be to make him open up and share his true feelings? It’s a universal mystery to women how to really get the message across when it comes to emotions and its doubly hard to understand why he gets irritated or pretends not to understand every time the topic of emotion comes up.

The key to unravel this mystery is quite simple. Women think that the men are like their girlfriends and talk to them as such. In other words, they talk nonstop about their feelings, sparing not even a single detail. Notice how everybody feels connected with each other when girlfriends talk? This is true with women, but simply not in men.

The truth is, men are forever irritated when their women talk to them on the girlfriend level. Being irritated does not mean that they love their girlfriends less – it’s just plain annoying for them, making them refuse to get any more emotionally attached with you.

It has been the woman’s greatest source of confusion why the relationship does not progress and go any deeper. Did it ever cross your mind that the reason could probably be because you don’t connect with him on the communication level?

This is not true in all relationships, but there’s a lot of women who enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with their man simply because they communicate with him at a level that he understands. These women understand their man’s mind and know which buttons to push and leave alone. They have mastered the way of communicating with them that allows him to easily open up and share his innermost thoughts.

I can almost hear a lot of women crying “Not fair! Why do I have to do everything and understand how his mind works?” Well, the sad reality is that there’s a lot of things in this world that will not work out the way you want them to. And that includes the fact that you need to get into your man’s mind if you want to make the relationship work.

It is not as bad as you think it is. Think of the wonderful things that will happen to your relationship the moment you are able to communicate with your man just as easily as with your girl friends. Wouldn’t you want to make him open up his feelings to you and then truly walk the road towards a serious and long lasting relationship? This can happen if you do the right thing.

You will be surprised what doors will open after you have learned to communicate with your boyfriend or your husband. Believe me, this will move you towards the stronger and deeper relationship that you have been wanting.

Sit back and take stock of how you are doing. Are you getting the response you want from him? Is he interested in what you are saying? Is he irritated or simply tunes you out when you talk? Or is he responsive and immediately does what he thinks is best to keep the relationship as interesting and loving as ever? When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll know which style works and which one does not.

At the end of the day you will find out that having a great relationship is not just all about looks and compatibility but most importantly about having great communication. What keeps you from communicating? It’s not like you’re hiding anything from each other, are you?

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