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Strip Clubs

Rich is an intern that works for me. He grew up in a nice, protected, suburban household in Naples, Florida. Since coming to my office, Rich has been learning the ways of the world.

The other night, Rich made the cardinal mistake that most young men have made before: he went to a strip club and thought that the women flirting with him actually liked him.

He came into the office this morning and said, “oh my god, you wouldn’t believe it! I met the coolest strippers last night!”

This is when they have nothing going on and they are not in hustling mode. The women are just waiting for the Happy Hour guys to come in, and you can use this time to work on your conversation skills.

When you go to a strip club at night, you spend $80 and you think you’ve become a better flirt – but I’ll tell you that the second you opened up your wallet was the second you became interesting to those girls.

The women at strip clubs are amazing at flirting. They know exactly how to do it. They will just take the money out of your pocket every single time. It’s only an illusion. Trust me, it’s not your skills.

You didn’t walk into that strip club and immediately become a great conversationalist. You didn’t lose your approach anxiety the second you walked in the door. These women know exactly how to pull money out of your pocket.

I hate strip clubs. If I am ever dragged to a strip club, I will sit there quietly. When a woman approaches me and asks if I want a private dance, I’ll respond, “no, I’m not here for that. My friend wanted to come here. I’m just here to hang out. If you’d like a stimulating and interesting conversation and to take a break from hustling all the other men in here, come sit next to me. If not, go make some money and enjoy your night!”

And they will always come over and start talking to me. I’m totally the opposite of every other guy in there.

But the second you open your wallet and allow them to jump up and down on your penis and grind all up on you – they know that they can get you for more money. All they see in you is an endless supply of twenty-dollar bills.

If you’re at a strip club and you think that all of a sudden women are attracted to you, think again! If you haven’t taken a penny out of your pocket and there are women still coming over to talk to you, then you are right. You are becoming a good conversationalist.

But the second that money comes out – come on now, they are hustlers! It’s no different than the beggars on the street. If a beggar on the street is talking to you and you hand them a dollar, they will become chattier and complimentary. They know they can get more money out of you.

People aren’t stupid: they’re hustlers.

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