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Single Mommies

Let’s talk about single mothers.

I was with the guys today (“the guys” are Rey and Rich – Rey the assistant and Rich the intern.) We went to Whole Foods today, and I started flirting with this single mom in line while we were checking out. She was very pretty, very sexy, and very nice – and attached to a five-year-old.

The five-year-old was great – really cute and amusing, but he needed ALL of his mother’s attention. When we left the market, one of the guys said, “oh wow, that mom was really attracted to you! Why didn’t you ask her out?”

I responded, “well, there really wasn’t the time – her kid was pulling on her arm!” It was really hard to talk to her, and you also have to respect the fact that she is with her child. But she was definitely vibing me and I probably would have asked her out if I would have had the opportunity – when her little boy wasn’t pulling on her.

I also don’t particularly want to ask her out if she’s not a single mom! I wouldn’t want her kid to go home and say, “daddy, daddy, guess what happened today? Mommy got asked out by this guy in Whole Foods!”

So I’ve got some advice for all of you single mothers out there: if you are out with your kids and a guy starts talking to you, he is exactly what you want because he already knows that you have children!

So many single mothers have this issue about dating – “how am I going to date? How will I meet someone? Nobody wants me when I have a kid!” But it’s not true!

If we are flirting with you and we see that you have a kid attached to your arm, we don’t care! We don’t care if you are a mom; we want to date you – plain and simple.

If you’re a single mom and you’re out with your kids, you have to lie down some clues and hints for the guy you’re flirting with. You have to stop for a second. Obviously, don’t kick the kid out into the street – “hey, mommy will be right back!” – nothing that blunt, but maybe say something like, “yeah, he’s just lacking male attention,” or “he just gets jealous when his mom talks to another man” – something funny.

This will let the guy know that you want to be asked out. We’ll ask you out very quickly once we know that you’re open to it, but you need to say something that permits us to do it.

We totally understand that you are a mom, we understand that you’re hanging out with your kid; but we don’t want to ask you out if we’re not sure that you are single.

We don’t want the kid going home and being scarred for life after seeing his mom getting hit on at Whole Foods. You never know what could happen – he could end up with pure approach anxiety or turn out to be some seducing ladies man after watching his mom get hit on all of the time.

Lay down some clues for us! Clues are always good. We need them once in a while. And do you know what? If I ever see you without your kid, I will definitely ask you out. But the next time I see you with your kid, give me a clue!

I’m gutsy, and I’ll ask out everybody – but I’m also very respectful of a lot of things.

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