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Simple Handmade Wedding Favors

Five really great ideas for simple handmade wedding favors that are easy to make and will be treasured by your honored guests. Giving people beautiful and simple handmade wedding favors is becoming more popular and is even expected at most weddings these days. Our top 5 ideas for simple handmade wedding favors give you all the info you need, including how to make them and how where to get supplies, so that you can start now!

Our list of the best simple and handmade wedding favors are edible or usable because the one thing we know is that gifts that can be used and savored are the most appreciated. These diy wedding favors show your friends and family you care and won’t be another trinket to clutter up the homes of those you care about most. They will love you for being so thoughtful!

When settling on simple handmade wedding favors for your guests it’s important to look for that perfect combination of “this is who we are” and “we’re so thrilled you are celebrating with us”.

If would appreciate a toothpick holder made of toothpicks, think about your guests….would they? Wouldn’t you rather give your guests a romantic handmade travel candle for the destination wedding you invited them to or a lovely packet of seeds from your garden in a handmade envelope with personalized labels for your spring wedding?

Just because your favors are handmade, doesn’t mean they can’t look like you got them at a high end store! Go to K.i.s.s Honeymoon and Wedding Ideas to find out where to find all of the necessary supplies.

These are the top 5 Simple Handmade Wedding Favors by K.i.s.s Honeymoon and Wedding Ideas

1. Beeswax Candles


• Beeswax sheets (easy to find and can be found in numerous colors!)
• Wicks.

The Process:

• Cut wick to 2 inches longer than your beeswax sheet.
• Place wick on one end of flat sheet and roll as tightly as you can until you can’t roll anymore.
• Cut wick to appropriate size.


• Attach two candles with a lovely ribbon.
• Include a simple flower, like a lavender stem

2. Natural Homemade Soap


• Melt and Pour soap of your choice (goat milk, avocado, etc.)
• Herbs of choice (lavender, calendula, etc.)
• Essential oil of choice: optional
• A large pot
• A large glass bowl that will fit into your pot – bottom of the pot
• Baking tray or soap molds (Christmas cookie molds work, as do muffin trays)


• Fill larger pot with water
• Place bowl into pot
• Cut soap block into pieces as small as you can. The size determines how quickly it melts.
• While cutting soap pieces turn on stove and begin the boiling process
• Place soap pieces into glass bowl
• Allow to completely melt
• Pour into molds or baking tray
• Quickly add herbs: Note: they will float to the bottom. Be careful not to add too much.
• Allow to dry


• Cellophane bags
• Ribbon
• Personalized labels

Mosaic Coasters:

No need to get anal! Mosaic looks good even when done haphazardly, or by a 5 year old rushing to get it done between tea parties (been there!).


• Plexi-glass cut to the size of a coaster.
• Glass mosaic squares
• Basic white glue
• mosaic squares
• Grout

The Process:

• Glue the beveled side on to the plexi-glass with white glue – keep the squares about 3 cm apart.
• Let dry overnight.
• Mix water with the grout so that it is the consistency of peanut butter.
• Spread onto your mosaic design. Be generous. Cover all holes.
• Rinse off with a barely wet sponge.
• Let dry over night.
• Shine with vinegar!


• Use ribbon to attach the two coaster
• Two coaster per couple. One per single!
• Include a lovely hangtag. Hangtag can be made with handmade paper or purchased.

Here is a great place to purchase mosaic supplies: http://www.mosiacbeach.com

Bath Salts


• Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salts
• Herbs (i.e., roses, lavender, calendula, etc.)
• Essential oil of your choice (rose, lime, orange, ylang ylang, etc.)


• Fill a large bowl with Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salts
• Add essential oils (as many drops as you’d like)
• Add herbs (as much as you’d like)
• Mix up the mixture
• Pour into jars or bottles of your choice


• Bags can be cellophane with ribbon or a fabric bag
• Personalized labels

Scented Mist


• Essential Oils (i.e., roses, lavender, lemon, lime, etc.)
• Distilled Water


• Create essential oils. Add 5 drops at a time until you get your desired scent. Pleasing scents include mandarin and ylang ylang, lime and rose, sandalwood, clary sage, lavender and lemon – feel free to experiment.
• Fill all of your spray bottles with ¼ teaspoon of sea salt (helps hold the scent)
• Fill the bottles with the distilled water
• Add 15 – 30 drops of your essential oil blend (dependant on your taste)


• Personalized Labels for the bottle – “Thank You” “Romantic Scented Mist”
• Present them in a fabric organza bag

Let me know what you think of these easy, unique and inexpensive wedding favor ideas.

Like I said before, just because your favors are handmade, doesn’t mean they can’t look like you got them at a high end store! Go to K.i.s.s Honeymoon and Wedding Ideas to find out where to find all of the necessary supplies.

More at: http://www.kiss-honeymoon-and-wedding-ideas.com/simple-handmade-wedding-favors.html

this article was written by susanna miles, k.i.s.s specialist, and online publisher of k.i.s.s honeymoon and wedding ideas, a resource site which provides honeymoon and wedding ideas that help brides and grooms k.i.s.s – keep it simple special that is! click here for more info at k.i.s.s

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