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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

In this Internet age where everything you need to know about organizing a wedding is available at the touch of a button, hiring a wedding planner can seem like an outdated concept. Do you really need to hire a wedding planner?

Why hire a wedding planner

While the internet may be a great source of information on everything including organizing a wedding, it is just that- a source of information. Can the internet recommend the best local vendors from where you can source your requirements to fit your budget? Can it inform you of the best local choices when it comes to looking for flowers, lighting and the hundreds of other smaller essentials that go towards preparing for the wedding?

There are certain things the internet just cannot do. Most important of all, the internet cannot give you the personal touch that only a wedding planner working closely with you can bring to the reception.

Moreover, every bride wants to look her radiant best on this, the most important day of her life and the groom would love to be able to bask in her reflected glory. This is never going to happen if the bride and groom are sweating the small stuff, obsessing over details and haggling about a hundred different particulars.

A wedding planner will take of all the details- big and small. Since she is so intricately involved with the bride and groom she gets to know their likes and dislikes and can ensure that even the minor details are in accordance with the couple’s taste. She is also aware of the couple’s budget, which makes a huge difference when it comes to weeding out the vendors who don’t fall within those confines. Orienting the couple’s budget to the appropriate vendors means that much less leg work for the bridal couple themselves.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a wedding planner is that, unless she is new to this profession, she has done this several times before. She knows the proper sequence of events and how they should be handled; she knows what is required and where to get it and she knows what is absolutely necessary and what is not.

What a Wedding Planner Helps Out With

Here are just some of the things that any wedding planner will help the bridal couple with:

– Select the bridal gown and all the accessories
– Choose the attire for the brides maid and the maids of honor
– Suggest venue and decorating options for various venues
– Suggest flowers, flower arrangements and appropriate florists
– Select music that is appropriate at different times during the wedding that is also in accordance with the bridal couple’s tastes
– Help with the invitations and assorted wedding stationery
– Help get quotes from different caterers and alcohol vendors
– Keep everything organized and moving smoothly on D-Day, from getting the car decorated and making sure it is on time to getting the venue decorated and making sure that everything is where it should be
– Support and calm the bride as she suffers the inevitable bout of pre-wedding jitters

When you hire a wedding planner, what you get for your money is precious free time. By taking care of all the details, the wedding planner in effect gives you the gift of time; time that you can spend doing poignant last minute things like spending a few moments more with your family. Surely that’s worth any price you have to pay?

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