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Seven Tips to Remember When You Buy Gifts For New Boyfriend

New romance has everything going for you and here comes Valentines Day or Christmas or his birthday and you are under stress to find a perfect gift for your new boyfriend.

You can go either sit on the sidelines and think of gift ideas for your new boyfriend and I am sure that each and every idea you think of will have two sides to it and you will be debating on each one of those ideas for countless hours thinking will it be what he wants or will he like it or will he be able to appreciate the value of that gift or will you actually succeed in scaring him away from a long term relationship.

Here is my formula for those thoughts you can definitely wish away.Try KISS, I mean keep it simple silly.

First, never go overboard with lovey dovey or sappy mushy stuff for a new boyfriend and stay clear of those even on a valentines day. Valentines Day can definitely mean lovey dovey things but not for you at this satge of the relationship. Try a simple gift like a homemade cake or even a homemade dinner for him with a movie for you two later. Even for Christmas try only the simple gifts like a tie rack or special cologne or even a special personalized iPod for him.

Second, the golden rule is never think of gift beyond $50 if your relationship is about two three months old and never go beyond $100 if your relationship is seven eight months old.

Third, try a fun idea for guys who can handle the fun side of it, but stop and assess whether he is of that nature, which means you should try to think of what he is comfortable with, even though it is tough to tell that too early in the relationship but think of instances where he was a sport to such a thing or not.

Fourth, never ever give flowers to a guy, most guys never like flowers but they may accept that later in the relationship as you bond and thinking matures but not before when you are absolutely sure that he is ready for such a thing.

Fifth, never give girlie, sexy magazines to him as gift as that says hey compare me to these hotties in the magazines and later on in the relationship that may be a great gift for both you to ogle at and enjoy the magazine but not before that and not especially as a gift as it has all the making of a non acceptable gift from relationship point of view.

Sixth, gift baskets come in handy always as they come in variety of options like the popcorn gift baskets or rather movie gift baskets or even as assorted gift basket of eatables or small inexpensive gift items . Try a beer of month club or a beer gift basket. Yes but remember not to gift him a subscription gift like a subscription to a cell phone plan as that suggests that you are trying to suggest a long term relationship or commitment which may be completely inappropriate at this juncture of the relationship.

amit writes about the art of gifts giving and has several gift ideas and suggestions for numerous occassions and various relationships including gifts for new boyfriend.

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