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Senior Dating For Those With Baggage

If I hear the phrase ‘too much baggage’ one more time, I’ll scream!

The only people that use the ‘baggage’ excuse when it comes to relationships are those who are young and/or too immature to realise that this so-called baggage is actually ‘life’ and if you didn’t get involved with someone and accept their baggage you could well have a very lonely life!

There are certain stages that people go through in life’s relationships. There are those we have when we are young, probably up to our mid-twenties. These are very heavy and full of feeling to a dis-proportionate degree and mainly governed by our hormones. It feels like the real thing and other types of daily functioning are a struggle – particularly in the early days.

Once out of this phase, if not already settled or if we are one of those unlucky ones that find ourselves divorced further down the line, we realise that actually yes, people do come with baggage. We have plenty of our own in the form of ex’s and children and mortgages etc and we appreciate that we wouldn’t want to be overlooked in the romance department because of these things. This makes us more tolerable to other peoples ‘life’ that they carry with them and is a good thing.

Some people believe that the over fifties should not be considering dating or relationships as they have no need for pro-creating. This is rubbish and a very outdated idea. Statistics show that forty nine per cent of people of the age of fifty are now single. Why would they want to spend the next possible forty years or so alone? Why should they? There is obviously a whole section of society that need company and they are actively changing that with senior dating.

The internet has been a godsend for the older generation who are looking for new relationships. Mainly because it is so difficult to know where to start. Firstly, nobody wants to go out on their own looking for a mate and not that many people have single friends that they can go with. The choices of where to go are also pretty limited. You don’t see 55 year olds in pubs and clubs chatting up the blue rinses!

Internet dating sites for those who want to join the senior dating scene are ideal. Logging in and being able to read the profiles of other people will tell you all about their ‘baggage’ before you have to commit to a date or even a conversation. You can check out their photos to see if there is a physical attraction. While this is not the be all and end all, it can certainly be important to many people. Yes, even at this age!

One couple recently signed up, independently, to an internet senior dating site that could potentially pair them up with partners anywhere in the world. Yet, it paired them up with each other and after talking for a while they discovered that they actually live in the same street. This just goes to show how difficult it is to meet people. This couple had lived in the same street for some time without the knowledge that they had so much in common, that they could possibly be attracted to each other. Yet, thanks to internet senior dating the couple are now planning their wedding and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together – baggage and all!

shaun parker is a leading relationship expert with many years of experience in the dating industry. find out more about senior dating at http://www.graydate.co.uk

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Listed: October 11, 2008 8:08 pm