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Romancing Your Partner

Every good romance derives from a good romantic partner. One that’s willing to know you well enough to keep you swept off your feet with their displays of affection. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out there and buy your sweetheart anything and everything constantly to gain their undying love…just the opposite. Usually it’s the small things that you do out of love that stick in their mind as precious…as romantic.

Especially where men are concerned, they are putty in your hands when they know that you’ve taken the time to listen to them…really listen to what their likes and dislikes are, what drives them.

Romance is where both sexes feel the same. Both men and women alike love to feel special and cared for by their partner. Romancing your man can be work but it also can be very rewarding. In the long run, there can be many dividends to taking the time out to study your partner’s wants, needs, and desires. Especially since there are many ways to hit your partner’s “hot button” when it comes to feeling loved.

Several years ago Gary Chapman wrote a book called The Five Love Languages and in it he discussed the five categories we fall into when it comes to feeling loved. Most of us feel like someone loves us in one way or another although on the average, it’s usually a couple of things that go hand in hand with each other. For instance, if you feel loved by words of affirmation it is most likely you will also feel loved by affirming touch. That doesn’t mean that the touch has to be of a sexual nature but more in the way of hand holding, hugging or an arm placed around the shoulder or looped through your partner’s arm.

There is soo much more to wooing your man than giving him a good romp in the sack. In fact, although men hunger for sexual gratification to feel loved, they also enjoy being shown that you think they are the best in other ways. Here is an idea or two to show your mate how much you care:

Next time there is a big game on TV and you know that he‘d enjoy watching it, create a little “picnic“ of his favorite foods and the two of you enjoy them together on the living room floor, blanket and all. Or, if you’d rather not, then invite some of his best buddies over (without him knowing about it) and fix enough food for them all…

Can you imagine how he will feel in front of the guys? Like a million dollars that’s how! He’ll feel like a king and you will reap the rewards. Especially if he’s used to getting a negative response to his Sunday afternoons tuned into the TV versus you. It will make him feel that you understand his needs and that you care enough about him to fulfill them and that’s all it will take to get him to respond in favor when you need some love.

Remember, it‘s not what you do that matters as much as how it makes him feel. If after you do whatever it is you think will make him feel loved, he acts like he’s on top of the world then you know you were successful, and when a man feels like he’s loved and appreciated by his mate then he’s willing to reciprocate by being “hooked into you” for a lifetime! So go out there and romance your mate and knock him off of his feet!

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