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Remembering That Day Will Help Your Marriage….

Marriage is tough. There is no way around that. Marriage is worth it. There are a few reminders that will help us remember why.

The wedding day is one of the most significant days if not the most significant day of a married couple’s life. It is the start of something special, it is the start of life! Sometimes after being married for several years couples begin to forget that and things seem to fizzle. One of the best things I can recommend is for couples to always remember the way they felt on that special wedding day.

Usually couples are young and ready to explore life in early adult life-hood. They are excited, lively, and ready for anything the world will throw at them. They find love and peace with each other. A feeling of completion and devotion and a higher desire to give to make another happy. It’s probably the only thing that two makes one makes sense. It is divine. There is a strong sense of this on that special day when everything comes together at once. So why do people forget? How can they?

Well the answer is that’s life. We have challenges and it is easy to loose sight of what or who matters most. There may come a sense of not being grounded and a longing to fulfill something that is missing. This is the grass may seem to be greener in other people’s life. I personally think that we forget. We need a reminder. We have those feelings of completion and divinity of marriage inside us. The key to unlock those feelings takes work.

A simple way to stir up those exciting memories of unity is to look at wedding pictures. Remember that day. Remember that time. Remember the feelings of your spouse on that day. I’m not ignorant to dismiss the fact that the wedding day is stressful and sometimes there are unsettled family emotions. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the feelings you felt towards your spouse that took you to that day. The young ambition and hope of something better. The start of life. Pictures will jog you memory. Look at what emotions the photographer captured and highlighted. That was a special day, a special time, a time that is relevant to today.

Whatever bad feelings you have today may be caused from years of being together. Those feelings didn’t exist then, on that special day. There is a religious belief that God forgives all and that he expects us to do the same. If you are religious or not it is the best advice in marriage. How else do you expect to feel the same way you did on your wedding day? It isn’t easy, but trust me when I say it will make all the difference in your life.

This is basic advice, but it works. I am married to the most forgiving woman. It takes me hours to apologize after a disagreement or argument. But my wife instantly forgives me when I apologize. She simply smiles, hugs me, and says, “that’s ok, I love you”.

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