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Remembering Bridal Party Gifts Is Important

When planning a wedding, a couple has countless tasks to accomplish, and it may seem easy to overlook some details. Wedding party gifts may be a last-minute idea for some couples, or even an afterthought. Gifts for the bridal party, however, should be looked upon as a very important part of the wedding planning process.

When putting a wedding party together, a couple very specifically chooses just the right people to share their day with them. Most likely, these people are best friends and close family members. These are the people who are most willing to sacrifice in order to be a part of the couple’s ceremony. It is important to acknowledge these sacrifices with a token of thanks. Sometimes even a very small gesture of gratitude from the couple will be remembered forever. A bridal party gift is often treasured as a memorable keepsake from a loved one’s wedding day.

Members of a wedding party give the couple their own time and a great deal of commitment. There are a lot of separate events that lead up to and prepare for the wedding. To the couple, it is expected that both will be present at each event, but to the bridal party, attendance is a sacrifice of time and sometimes even lost hours at work. The bridal party is expected to take part in not only the ceremony, but showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, reception and gift opening. For some wedding parties, this can amount to a full week of free time given almost exclusively to the couple, and most members of the party are fully committed to each event.

Remembering bridal party gifts is important also to acknowledge the money spent by the members of the party. Weddings are expensive events and the burden falls not only on the couple and their parents, but also on anyone wearing a tuxedo or special gown to the wedding. Tuxedo rentals can be hard on some members of the party who may not be financially secure, as can the purchase of bridesmaid dresses. Some members of the bridal party may even need to purchase plane tickets to fly in from another city, and take a week off from work. These are costs that members of the bridal party are happily ready to pay in order to celebrate the occasion. Their willingness to do so can easily be acknowledged with the presentation of wedding party gifts.

One of the most important reasons a couple should remember wedding party gifts is to acknowledge the appreciated support given by the party. While weddings are a joyous occasion, they are understandably stressful for the couple and their immediate circle. Making sure that the day is perfect and that it is the happiest day of the couple’s life is immensely hard work. The support that is given by friends and family is invaluable, but it is not always immediately recognized by those surrounding the couple. A simple wedding party gift expresses a heartfelt “thank you” and gives the members of the party something to keep and cherish. Furthermore, each time they see their bridal party gift, they are able to once again celebrate the marriage of their loved ones.

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