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Remarrying After Divorce: How to Get Your Wife Back

People Remarry ex spouses all the time – it’s a fact

Marrying someone who you have previously divorced seems to be an odd thing to do doesn’t it? You’ve been in a marriage, it broke down and you got divorced. Why would you want to get back together again? Could it be that the people who do this only find out that they could have saved their marriage when they start living their own lives and being themselves instead of trying to please their spouse at all costs?

Remarriage isn’t as uncommon as you might think. There have been some notable examples amongst the famous and wealthy but many ordinary people find themselves doing it too. When the divorce is over and some time passes it’s natural that both people make a point of living their own lives. They may even overdo it by going on a dating frenzy and making purchases that the’ve always wanted to but never thought that their spouse would approve.

In some cases when this happens your ex spouse notices and suddenly realizes what they are missing. This can lead to you getting back together again and even taking your wedding vows once more. Just think how powerful this technique might be if it were applied to your marriage before you get divorced. It could save your marriage.

Can a trial separation save your marriage?

I’ve often wondered why people have trial separations from each other. You would think that once you are apart then there is very little chance of going back but in some cases it can bring you closer together. This doesn’t sound right but it’s true. The principle is the same as the divorce that leads to remarriage and separating is a whole lot cheaper than divorce plus marriage.

What can you learn from this?

The most common mistake that you might make when you are trying to save your marriage and get your spouse back is trying too hard. You tell her that you love her and that you can’t live without her. You buy her gifts and make promises that you both know you can’t or won’t keep. You claim that you will change and that you’ll never come home late from the office again – right!

This is the way most people act when fighting to save a marriage and who can blame them. It seems the right thing to do doesn’t it? Unfortunately this all comes across to your partner as pleading and makes you look weak and pathetic. They don’t want you to not be able to live without them they want you to be strong and decisive and capable of standing up for them and protecting them. Stop pushing her away by pleading and start showing her what you are really capable of.

Be strong and let her start chasing you for a change

Women will find you more attractive when they can see that you are capable of protecting them. You don’t have to appear to want them at all. In fact it’s best if you don’t. This is why so many women seem to end up with jerks when there are so many good men available who you might think would be so much better for them.

So live your own life, don’t depend on your spouse, dress well and don’t get too close. You might be surprised at the result.

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