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Regain Your Manhood And Walk Your Walk

Lonely guys at the end of the bar, pathetically nursing their drinks and pretending to be more interested in the big screen that they can’t hear are there for many reasons. If it’s you, then you probably already know your reasons. If it’s not you, then you know your reasons for not wanting to be there. Define, for the sake of that empty bar seat, what you want in this life and what you want from the women you have the potential to meet. Be clear in your desires and your decisions and stop being a wishy washy mush ball. It’s unattractive.

If you’re all into meaningless flings and you’re greatest interest is in the fastest possible way to get laid, then fine. Your relationships can be defined that way.

If you are still there because that is the reputation you have given yourself, but it isn’t making you feel fulfilled, you can step out of it simply by redefining the image of what you’re looking for an act accordingly. I’ve known guys who have been with more women than they can count who finally realize that they are rather miserable. Yet they continue the behavior because that is what is expected of them. It’s not necessary. If it makes you happy, fine. If it doesn’t, then change it.

Some guys have an easier time of breaking their reputation by finding a new place to hang out. Sure, they end up without their buddies, but overall, they find it easier to present themselves without the expectation that they have led people to believe is true about them.

You get to walk your own walk anytime you want. You get to define what you’re looking for and change it up as you see fit. The expectation of others is really pretty inconsequential. Because you are your own man, and you are entitled to your own definitions of what it means to be a man, then you are in control. Being in control of your own choices gives you freedom.

When you decide that you’re going to walk a new walk, and you go through the time and energy to define how it’s going to be, nothing is written in stone. In fact, often you might find that you are a little lonely during your new vision and you might slip back to your old stomping grounds for a night and grab and quickie. It doesn’t mean you are ingenuine about what you are looking for. It means you’re a guy with a need that you still have the capacity to fill. Once you’re involved with a woman that choice is no longer recommended, but you will probably find that you’re happier anyway. After all, you’re the guy that made the choice to walk your different walk.

Relieving ourselves of the expectation of others is a gift to our own sense of manhood and our own ability to be our own man. Regardless of the reputation you have set forth for yourself, you get to change it at will and let the world know that you are in control of your own decisions and choices.

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