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Proper Eye Contact With Women

Last week I was enjoying myself with some friends at a local pub where a lot of professionals go after work to relax, have some fun and meet pretty girls.

I observed something that I had seen before, without giving it much attention, but I now think it deserves some discussion. It has to do with making eye contact.

What I witnessed was a would-be MACK clumsily trying to get women to notice him, by first making eye contact with them, and then acting as though his repeated Xraying them with his eyes would be a certain babe magnet.

While eye contact is an important part of flirting, this guy obviously didn’t know the first thing about it and probably less about women and what they consider attractive.

The proper use of your eyes can improve your chances of meeting women. We have to understand why this is true before taking advantage of it.

Proper use of eye contact can help you quickly and easily identify interested and available females, and also tell them that you are interested in knowing them better.

Guys that are good at making and interpreting eye contact signals have almost no risk of being publicly rejected, embarrassed, humiliated, or ridiculed.

Proper eye contact technique is like a handshake between strangers. It serves as an introduction and an opportunity for more interactions, if BOTH parties desire it.

This is why you can use eye contact to instantly screen out women that are not interested or just not interested in you specifically, at that moment.

If they fail to respond to your eye contact in a positive way, it is probably for one of the following reasons:

1)They are already in a relationship with someone and don’t want any complications with other men. These types will almost always refuse to let you make eye contact with them in flirtatious fashion no matter what you do.

2)After noticing you, possibly even when you first entered the area, they had already made a decision about you and they are not interested. Like those in committed relationships, these women will both look away quickly and never again let you make eye contact with them, or refuse to let you make eye contact with them to begin with.

If you persist in staring in either of these circumstances you risk her thinking of you as a pervert or stalker and she may start sharing these thoughts with others. Move on!

Women control not only who they go out with, but also who they will lock eyes with.

I won’t even suggest trying to use one of the MACKnificent Strategies on either of the above. The Strategies are designed to distinguish you with women that are available and interested in meeting unique, interesting men.

So, what is good eye contact technique?

First of all, don’t make a woman feel as though you are trying to burn a hole in her with your X-ray vision. Staring is creepy and you will scare her off, even if she was initially interested.

Second, make sure you have a slight smile on your face when you make eye contact. A big smile, while conveying a sense of openness, does not send a message of quiet confidence or a calm, collected friendliness. The later is much more attractive to women.

Finally, have a plan. I’ll say that again. Have a plan! Don’t assume that because you have made proper eye contact and that she has responded positively that things will automatically fall into place.

It is still up to you to move things to the next level.

You should already have in mind how you will advance things along when you get to this point and you should have it rehearsed in your mind.

Not only should you have played it out in your mind but you should have contingency plans as well. She doesn’t have the script so it probably won’t go exactly as planned. Will you be ready for this?

you have to distinguish yourself when you first meet women or they will categorize you as another member of the herd of clumsy men glaring at women. the macknificent strategies along with a memorable macking philosophy will make you unforgettable. to learn more, goto http://www.bestinfofound.com

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