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Preparing for Your Holiday Romance

The changing leaves and crisp weather are beginning to indicate that more than just the changing seasons for most people; they also signify that the holidays are coming. However you celebrate the upcoming events there are some significant advantages and disadvantages to certain days when it comes to romance. Following the right dating advice during the various holidays may just give you an unexpected advantage toward finding your romantic partner. Those looking for a little dating help may find that certain holidays give them just the right edge for success.

Beginning with the first change we see in the weather comes autumn. Many children and young adults know this time well for it signifies the return to school and for those who have not been enjoying a sunny vacation the time is marked by a later rising and earlier setting sun.

Autumn Harvest:

Many towns and cities enjoy fall celebrations in their communities and this might allow for some fun date ideas whether in or out of a relationship. The traditions of celebrating an autumn harvest may not apply to a good deal of the population in this day and age, but the significance still applies even if well hidden in the digital age.

Attending autumn festival allows couples to steep themselves deep in the past by learning about traditions of harvest practiced all over the world. Whether taking a tour through local farm festivities or attending a celebration of the very autumn itself, these types of events allow romances of a lasting nature to bloom.

Halloween/Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos):

Though there are many cultures and religions that choose not to celebrate the darker holidays they do offer some wonderful opportunities for dating. Through it may seem a bit morbid to some the origin of such holidays are often directed more at celebrating life and honoring the dead, or making peace with the idea of death itself. The subject matter can bring about some serious soul searching for couples and can be a very inspiring when it comes to eternal romance.

The scarier aspect of these holidays can also inspire some wonderfully romantic scenarios. Whether out prowling through grave yards or just watching a scary movie at home, couples may find themselves brought closer together by a good scare.

Halloween particularly offers some wonderful opportunities because of the party atmosphere that many people enjoy on the night of the holiday. Costumes and props can allow couples a temporary get away from their normal lives and can provide some wonderful fun for the romance ideas and physical fantasies that some hope to achieve. Whether taking part in some vampire kissing games or a round of unwrap the mummy, the eve can offer some excellent date situations.


In the States many people know the joy and pain of turkey day; too much food and often a lot of family creates a relatively happy though often stressful atmosphere. Bringing home your sweetheart for this holiday may prove to be tricky and for most can be a stressful experience. Luckily, many families are fairly distracted on this holiday and it may allow you and your date to get past the initial stages of meeting the parents with less of a hassle than on another day.

For those looking to avoid family or without a family to spend the holiday with, many people enjoy making mock dinners at home, often jumbles smorgasbords of random treats tailored to the tastes of those present. This type of celebration can be a wonderful way to spend time with a first time date while giving you both much cause for laughter and fun.


Though some families uphold a deep respect for the religious aspects of these holidays, those that do not consider themselves exceptionally religious often still appreciate the significance of bringing together family and friends during the colder months of the year.

For newer couples this time of year offers a special kind of romance that is just a little different from any other time of year. Towns and cities are often decorated with sparkling lights and though many holiday shoppers can seem a little terrifying there is a reminder in the air of the importance of caring for others.

During this time it is likely that should you go out on any dates you will find many locations sparkling with holiday glitter which can make your date extra special. Even those in the earliest stages of a relationship also have the opportunity to show their affection for each other by playing off of the holiday cheer.

Bringing home your special some to meet your family around these winter holidays can be even more stressful than thanksgiving because so many consider this time to be special. It is important that your date and your family are both comfortable with the idea; otherwise you might just take the sparkle out of the holiday. On the other hand, this magical time of year can present new couples with some exciting distraction when meeting parents and relatives and may just be the perfect opportunity to get that scary step out of the way.

New Years Day:

The celebration of the New Year can be a wonderful excuse to get a little crazy before turning over a new leaf the next day (or trying to.) Many people find that the excitement of the last night of the year presents a wonderful opportunity for making bold moves and saying what at times gets left unsaid all in that tradition of the clock ticking by.

This night often allows people a chance to ask out that special someone they have been eyeing and polish up their style for the evening out. The holiday often tempts people to take risks and adopt a more accepting attitude towards their usual pet peeves. Taking advantage of the carefree attitude and fun loving atmosphere may prove extremely useful for those looking to connect romantically.

Making good use of the advantages that certain holidays may present in the romance category can prove to be a great success for new relationships or exciting dating. Consider some possibilities for your future holidays and how you can implement a little romance into the fun and festivities this year.

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