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Platinum Wedding Ring: The Mark Of An Eternal Relationship

The platinum wedding ring that you exchange on your wedding day can become an outward symbol of your relationship and commitment to each other. Your wedding bands will be worn every day, for the rest of your lives together. No other precious metal offers the timeless quality or eternal values of platinum.

Traditionally, gold bands were the only options for couples. But recently, platinum marriage rings are gaining more and more popularity. Platinum is a metal more precious than gold, and it has some practical advantages over gold as well.

Currently, wedding bands have become more reflective of individual style as new designs, personal touches, and creative possibilities are now available.

Platinum Pass

Platinum is the popular metal of choice for rings because it is more rare and durable than gold. Platinum is an elegant metal, which is very popular these days because of its white, shiny look and durability.

Platinum is actually more precious than gold and can cost up to twice as much. In the past, platinum was usually mixed with gold, but these days you can get marriage rings made of pure platinum. When well polished, it sparkles as much as gold and has a really brilliant look.

Unlike soft gold, platinum is a durable material, which makes it the ideal choice for a marriage band. It can easily withstand household routine work, and even if you constantly wear your ring 20 years after your wedding it will look the same as when you first wore it.
Scratching is the natural result of wear and occurs in all precious metals. But platinum has a unique advantage. A scratch will merely displace the metal and very little is actually lost. Gold, on the other hand, will lose more metal when it is scratched.

Another advantage is that platinum is a neutral metal and usually doesnt cause any allergic reactions.

Diamonds Best Friend

Including diamonds in the platinum wedding band is a beautiful option and enhances both value and presentation. Platinum’s natural white shine is unaffected by time and thus it enhances a diamond’s sparkle, which means that your diamond wedding ring will explode with brilliance. Since the metal does not contain any alloys, the stones brilliance does not get tainted. The unmatched durability, density and resistance to wear further makes platinum the most secure metal for settings which means that your diamond will be protected against a lifetime of wear. The most common setting styles for wedding band diamonds are flush, tension and channel.

Choosing A Finish

A variety of finishes can be given to the platinum wedding band surface. Combinations of several finishes create unique textures and looks. Some basic finishes to consider are: Polished, matte, satin, hammer, and Florentine.

Considering Engraving

Endless possibilities such as horizontal, vertical or crisscross lines, Greek key, and Celtic designs are engraved directly into the band to accent the wearers personal style. You may also wish to have a personalized script, either inside or outside the band to create a uniquely romantic statement between you and your partner.

Platinum rings are trendy, stylish and practical.The only real disadvantage of platinum rings is their cost. Titanium marriage band can be a cheaper option to platinum. However,if you check several online jewelry shops, you can find beautiful platinum wedding rings on sale at reasonable prices.

the platinum wedding ring that you exchange on your wedding day can become an outward symbol of your relationship and commitment to each other. for more information visit weddings-marriages.

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