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Perfect Ideas For Wedding Ceremony Speeches

Whether you are the bride, the groom, the best man, the Maid of Honor, or just the parents of the newlyweds, we are all expected to give a speech during the wedding ceremony or reception. This can be a nervous time, or an exciting time, either way, you need to find ideas and tips on how to make your wedding ceremony speech meaningful and loving in your own special way.

When preparing for wedding ceremony speeches, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you want your wedding speech to be funny, loving, supportive, or traditional? Are you going to deliver speech towards the audience, or towards the bride and groom? The most important aspect is that you make your wedding speech unique and from the heart. 

Ideas for all wedding ceremony speeches:

1. Let your wedding speech come from your heart, but still be prepared before the ceremony
2. Start the speech by greeting and thanking the guests, then introducing yourself
3. Deliver speech with the upmost care and respect towards the bride and groom
4. Place emphasis on love and marriage, possibly include a love or marriage quote
5. Share your feelings (or examples) on why bride and groom are so perfect for one another
6. Share positive experiences you have had because of the bride or groom
7. End the speech by wishing the bride and groom good luck, your love, and your support

Here are a few ideas specified for each type of wedding ceremony speech:
The Bride and/or Groom:

1. Include your parents and how thankful you are for them
2. Talk towards your husband/wife and let them know how lucky you feel to have him or her for the rest of your life
3. State how firmly you believe in one another, and how strongly you feel about the union succeeding
4. Include a love quote that has meaning in your relationship

The Best Man:

1. Be funny and include humorous stories of you and the groom or the groom and bride
2. Be cautious not to upset or offend anyone (especially the bride!)
3. Be yourself and let your wedding ceremony speech come from your heart

The Maid of Honor:

1. Share stories of you and the bride and explain the close bond you two share
2. Highlight why you believe that the bride and groom are so perfect for one another
3. Wish the two of them the best of luck and offer your support ant love

The Parents:

1. Tell your child how proud you are of them
2. Welcome your new son/daughter-n-law into the family
3. Wish them your support and love

Following these tips will not guarantee that your wedding speech the best speech of the century, but with time, care, and practice, you can deliver a heartfelt wedding speech that will have the guests in tears. I recommend that you practice in the mirror several times until you have the speech completely memorized, but this should be easy to do because your speech is from your heart.

ameet royce writes frequently on social and relationship issues. wedding is also one of his favorite subjects. the current article is on wedding ceremony speeches. for more tips and ideas on wedding speeches please visit weddingspeechdigest.com

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