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Pearl Wedding Jewellery

Thinking about getting married or already planning the big day…..

If you are taking this step in your life, it is most likely that you will have certain expectations from your husband to be, and him of you. An integral expectation within the majority of Western marriages is fidelity.

Wearing pearl wedding jewellery is a perfect way to symbolise the fidelity which you bring to your new marriage and wish to receive. Pearls represent the qualities of faithfulness, loyalty and friendship; all of which describe some of the most important ingredients for a good marriage.

Going a little deeper into the symbolism and beauty of pearls and therefore pearl bridal jewellery – remember that pearls come to us in their full perfection directly from nature. Other precious stones require careful treatment from the lapidary whereas the pearl owes nothing to man. The pearl has sweetness and purity which make it the perfect adornment for a pretty maiden offering herself into a promising marriage. The pearl is a symbol of pure and true beauty, unaltered and untouched, with a pure innocent simplicity and sweetness.

Apart from these qualities which endear them to many brides-to-be, in some cultures pearls are used for medicinal purposes. The Chinese use pearls to cure many ailments such as heart disease, some types of fevers and indigestion.

What to look for when choosing pearl?
You should look at how lustrous the pearl is; which means to observe its combination of shimmer, life, glow and luminosity.

The larger the pearl is the more valuable it will be. A perfectly round pearl is the most valuable type however it is also the rarest. You can look for as close to round as possible. The surface of the pearl should be as smooth as possible.

In Asia and America pink-white pearls are thought to be the ultimate. However white is the universal pearl colour, with other favourites being purple, lavender, golden pink and pink. Lots of pearls are enhanced with dye treatments however this reduces their value.

These are some of the more important aspects to observe, and if you can manage to find a matching pair which have overall uniformity, this is great.

After choosing the pearls for you, then you’ll want to take good care of them.
Clean them gently after wear by wetting your hand and then gliding your strand gently to dampen the pearls. You should not put them directly in water. Then put them on a clean towel and gently press and squeeze, do not wring. You can buy a special pearl cloth and press the pearls for an extra special clean.

It is good to restring your pearls from time to time. You may notice that the knots are soiled or that the individual pearls move freely between the knots. In either of these scenarios it is time to restring your pearls. Silk thread with knots that are tied between the pearls is good to prevent abrasions and also if your strand breaks that all your pearls are not lost.

Present yourself in pearls, and you will show symbolic loyalty, faithfulness and perfection in nature, while looking elegantly beautiful.

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