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Overview of Modern Wedding Invitations

As modern wedding invitations are very popular now, we should know what they actually are. Everyone knows that modern is the contrary of traditional. Traditional wedding invitations are typically comprised of simple invitation cards, typical lettering, classic black ink and two envelopes. But modern wedding invitations tend to be more creative and distinctive in their own way, and so they appeal to the present generation couples who seek the ways to personalize the wedding ceremony, including the wedding invitations.

We list below some features of the modern wedding invitations for your consideration:

• Lettering styles
Larger and perhaps fancier fonts are utilized for emphasis of the names of the couple on the invitation.

• Ink colors
An ink color in contrast is generally used for highlighting certain aspects such as the couple’s name on the invitation.

• Pockets
This type which has become more fashionable now is provided with a pocket for the wedding invitation and sometimes another pocket for other enclosures such as reception cards, reply cards, etc.

• Self-mailing
This type doesn’t need an envelope as it folds into a self-mailing article itself. Some types may be provided with envelopment, sometimes colored, which enwraps the invitation items for easy mailing. Yet another ‘seal-n-send’ type can be folded and sealed to form a mailing article.

• Paper colors
You can create unique wedding invitations by choosing bold, bright paper colors and combining them to produce a stunning effect. It has become very easy now to make your invitations personal by employing various colors in paper, ink or design. You can also have matching colored envelopes. Ensure that the chosen ink color is in agreement with the color of the paper.

• Different shapes and sizes
You can choose wedding invitations in distinctive shapes like squares or in unfamiliar sizes like tea length.

• Patterns
Patterns are considered stylish in the design of wedding invitations, and include retro motifs and paisleys.

• Recycled paper
If you’re more environment conscious, you can print your wedding invitations on a particular choice of yours in the many varieties of recycled papers.

• Decorations
Ribbons can be used as decorations on wedding invitation to bring an extra special effect.

People’s ideas about modern wedding invitations may differ, but the trends indicated above are some options which will certainly make an invitation appear more contemporary. They will help you to create wedding invitations reflecting your personal style and taste.

Modified DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’re not too sure of your crafting skills, but still want those unique wedding invitations, you can buy some ‘mix and match’ wedding invitations from a wedding invitation dealer. Most dealers offer options in styles and colors of cards and ink; so you can customize the wedding invitations as you like. This is the quickest and easiest method to create some personalized wedding invitations at less cost. You need not worry about your home printer failing in between, or strain yourself in making the whole lot of invitations, when each one of them has ten stages in their creation.

If you’re still interested to show your skill, you can add some individual details such as stickers, rhinestones, seashells or glitter, to display the style of your wedding.

Whatever type you choose, let your DIY wedding invitations offer your guests a foretaste of your classic, modern, beautiful or exciting wedding ceremonies they can anticipate.

visit the modern wedding invitations website for wedding invitations card samples.

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