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Once Upon A Wedding Gown: Making Sure It’s The Perfect …

Every bride-to-be fantasizes about the wedding gown, and to be described as a floating vision of loveliness is the highest compliment a bride can receive from her family and close circle of friends. The perfect gown is all in the fit, though.

The Search Ends With The Fit

Looking for the perfect wedding gown starts with the idea of how the gown looks on paper. That idea is adjusted to suit the contours of the bride’s figure, her height, her personality, and her fantasies.

For all the intricate beadwork, the use of magnificent fabrics, and stunning accessories, the wedding gown becomes perfect only when it fits the wearer like glove.

A diminutive bride wouldn’t survive the onslaught of ruffled skirts, and a woman with too much derriere would rather hide the fact, while flat-chested brides would want focus somewhere else. The designer of the gown should consider the total look to bring out the best physical features of the bride.

The perfect wedding dress is the culmination of every woman’s dream, and there should be no room for mistakes in the selection of the bridal dress, custom-made or rented off the rack. Whatever the pick, the bride should be perfectly happy with her choice.

Why the Fit is Important

Before a design is executed, the bride must opt for soft flowing fabric that won’t itch or squeak during the trek down the aisle. In addition, the most expensive of fabric won’t do justice to the design of the wedding dress if the fit is faulty. That explains why the fitting sessions are frequent and tedious.

Every angle of the gown is evaluated from the neckline, bodice, and to the contour of the dress as seen from the back, side, and front. How it looks when the bride walks is also scrutinized.

The look is not only the criteria for the heavenly fit. The bride should also be comfortable with every move she makes. She should be able to turn, twist, and bend without feeling any tension in the gown. An uncomfortable wedding gown takes away the pleasure from wearing a stunning gown.

During the fitting session, the bride wears the actual shoe height for the gown. This is to make sure that the hemline is accurate and last minute alterations avoided.

Fitting Sessions

Call the bridal shop for an appointment. You don’t want to drag yourself to the shop for fitting sessions, only to be told that you should make an appointment first.

Fitting sessions can take up to four hours. Brides-to-be look at the gown, and what is visually appealing are usually tried on. Don’t disregard the gowns that are not spectacular – try them on. You might be surprised that the fit is perfect and it looks heavenly on you and vice-versa.

You may consider using the same type of brassiere you will be wearing with the wedding gown to maintain the perfect fit. You can have your pictures snapped just for the sake of saving the entire experience.

Although the sessions can take up to six hours, you won’t feel a bit tired with all that excitement, and your best friends can make the experience real fun. Preen, strut, and wiggle – the fitting session is your preview to how you would look and feel in your wedding gown.

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