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No Such Thing As A Uniform Relationship

What is it about uniforms that make women, and some men, go weak at the knees? When I took my ex-fiancee to the hospital to have stitches in his hand all the drama and pain evaporated as soon as a nurse took his hand in hers. She soothed away the big babies tears in an instant and hadn’t even done anything medical.

As she walked away to get swabs and bandages etc, my husband was oblivious to anything I said to him as he stared after her uniform. I personally think she was just going to wipe the drool off her uniform and felt quite embarrassed but she seemed used to it. What was it that had that magic effect over him? I asked. But he just dribbled and mumbled like a village idiot and no more sense was gained until we stepped out of the hospital, which coincided with the moment the pain kicked in again.

Whilst I could never understand his fascination for nurses I do, to a degree, understand the whole uniform thing. I just don’t understand why. I recently moved near the local army barracks and while I may not like the area there are certain advantages. If I get up early enough I get to see whole platoons jogging past in their PE kits and sometimes, on a good day, completely kitted up in uniform.

I am unable to pass a fire engine without taking a sneaky look. It makes no odds about the face above the uniform, it’s just that bit from the neck down that interests me. I have the same disadvantage when faced with a policeman. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not some sex maniac but there is something that makes me go a little gooey when it comes to a man in uniform.

The only reason I can come up with for this is the fact that emergency services are all full of people that care enough to help others. In this world of people that think everything revolves around ‘me’, there is a select few that go out of their way to undertake professions that care for others.

These people come with a completely different air to them. That doctor may not look so hot in his scrubs but that bedside manner beats any office workers rapport. The burly fireman that is trained to rescue damsels in distress could throw me over his shoulder anytime, providing he was wearing his uniform.

Society as a whole, as become detached from one another. Families are breaking up, electronic communication has replaced talking and touching – the type of interaction that makes us feel alive. Young people think that the only way to have a good time is to get drunk and in this state can in no way establish a good relationship with anyone. Parents are having to work longer hours to provide for their children in the day and age of them wanting, and getting, everything – except the emotional support that is really needed.

So, many people grow up devoid of the emotional basis they need to build strong friendships and relationships and thus look for something more when they are older. The triggers that would have normally shown them a caring person are no longer there or are unrecognisable so they go for the more obvious, in your face method of looking for a person who obviously cares about others. Well, that’s my theory anyway.

And I’m not the only one. In fact, there is a whole wide section of society that is looking for that ideal person in uniform; to the point that several internet dating sites have been successfully set up to introduce people to those in uniform looking for love. Pass me my laptop!

relationship expert catherine harvey looks at the use of uniforms in love.

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