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Needy Behavior Results In Approach Anxiety – Dont Make …

No matter what type of man you believe yourself to be, you probably suffer from at least a slight bit of neediness when it comes to being around women you find very attractive. This is not a horrible malady when it comes to improving your seduction skills, but it is an obstacle that you have to get past if you really want to improve your game.

The reason why neediness can turn into approach anxiety is because that needy behavior keeps you from getting even a little bit involved in a woman’s life.

You will feel that strong desire to kiss her ass so that she will be nicer to you, or you feel you must keep her in your sight at all times so that another guy does not come along and take her from you.

These irrational fears attached to someone you have not even met yet will only cause you to decline talking to that hot girl because you feel she will eventually break your heart when you find out she does not like you that much.

You really need to quit thinking about women as objects and instead start considering them as individual people who have their own free will to do what they want, regardless of what you feel they should be doing.

Your desire to put a really hot woman in your own personal cage so that she can not get out of it and be with other men will only cause you grief and misery no matter what girl happens to enjoy being around you.


This needy behavior of yours can also cause you to avoid any kind of conflict that you might happen to cause when you do eventually go to a movie or to a nice lunch with this girl. You might start saying things to her like, “I really hope you like this movie, cause I really did”, or “Is this table just right for you? Are you comfortable? I could take your seat instead.”

Do you see how those remarks come across as completely wuss-like? You must avoid those types of comments about how everything has to be just right for the woman you are with, otherwise she will actually believe you are not a man at all and she will go to the restroom and never come back!

Starting today you need to say to yourself, “I am a real man and a real man does NOT make any excuses for his behavior. That includes not caring whether a woman I’m with is having the greatest time of her life or not. If she is with me, she is a lucky woman anyway!”

That is a great affirmation that you should use every time you are about to go pick up a woman, regardless of where you plan on taking her. This type of affirmation can be used even before you start approaching a woman you feel is hot because that will take away most of your needy behavior when you first begin a conversation with a woman.

Teasing women and constantly busting on them when you are out together is the best way to build sexual tension with girls. But the opposite approach you take if you are a needy person will spell doom for any woman that you are with.

Start practicing on eliminating any needy behavior you still have by repeating that daily affirmation as your normal routine as well as ramping up the teasing you perform on women during every approach and you will be that much closer to becoming a true master seducer.

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