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My Lazy Wife

We were married five years and our marriage was almost perfect. I needed a lot of sex and my wife provided it. But she refused to cook or clean. I did all the cooking and cleaning and hated it. Things changed when I hired a sleep in maid to do the cooking and cleaning. She was a great cook and did all the food shopping. Every day she mopped and dusted the seven rooms in my house. My problems were solved, and I now had the perfect marriage.

One night before we were about to make love my wife complained about the high cost of keeping the maid. She said that it cost over seven hundred dollars a week to employ her. I thought we were getting a good deal, but my wife said that we should fire her. She said that she would cook and clean if given the same wages. I quickly agreed and continued making love. The next morning I had a new employee who cooked and cleaned, it was my wife.

One evening my wife said that she would like to get paid for having sex with me. I was shocked at the idea but also very horny. She said that since I was her husband she would charge me only one hundred dollars an hour. The price was reasonable since she was very good in bed. I reached into my wallet and gave her the money and was glad that I did. Her performance was terrific.

Our marriage was once again perfect. The cooking was great and the house was always clean. Most of all she was always available to make love. She even pressured me to make love more often. At one hundred dollars an hour I could understand her lust. Her earnings went for a good cause, she made a down payment on a new car, and filled up her wardrobe with beautiful clothes. We were a happy couple and nothing was missing in our lives.

My problems started when the company I worked for began to downsize its staff. In order to keep the job I had to agree to a cut in my pay. I was now earning less than half of my former salary. This was a disaster for me. It meant I could hardly meet my home mortgage payments. I would only have enough left over for basic expenses.

When I brought The bad news to my wife, she fell to the floor crying. She screamed that her life was now ruined and wished that she were dead. I explained that we still have one another, that answer didn’t make her feel any better, but only made matters worse. She said: “What good are you if you are broke?”, I started to weep like a baby.

The next few years of my marriage were difficult ones. There was nobody left to do the cooking or cleaning, I had to do it myself. But what hurt me most is that my wife refused to make love. She claimed that there is no incentive to make love to a man that is broke. I spend a lot of my time going on job interviews. If I could restore my former earnings, the problems in my marriage would be solved. I would then have a cook, house cleaner, and a sexy wife in bed.

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