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Moving Memories Through Cruise Ship Weddings

Every couple wants an exceptional wedding experience. Some may opt for a solemn church wedding; others may seek a colorful garden wedding, while others may decide on setting their vows in extreme and extraordinary ways. But whatever you like your wedding event to be, nothing compares to the exceptionally that cruise ship weddings offers.

With its growing popularity for the past decades, many couples choose this special experience to tie their knots, because of its grandiose arrangement, and its evenhanded outlays. That is why many wedding planners in cooperation with cruise ship agencies are offering such a package at a reasonable price.

But even if the meaning of having a reasonable price is still hundreds of thousands, the package being presented for this type of marriage celebration is complete and can be enjoyed both by the couples and their guests. Your wedding will only be for one day, but memories that you and your partner, as well as all of your guests have carved on board will be considered everlasting.

The reason why there are a lot of couples choosing to get married aboard a sea vessel and not on the Holy church at a dry land is the fact that the uniqueness of the destination and of the experience getting to wed while riding the waves is a big advantage for such a memorable celebration. It’s simply a matchless way to celebrate love!

Moreover, having a wedding on the ship while overlooking a breathtaking degree of ocean view will create a feeling of like “all of the heaven’s eyes are on you and your partner”. Nonetheless, it is also very instrumental in creating wonders and awe in each of guest witnessing this memorable event.

Taking the waters for exchanging of vows will also fashion a hushed and tranquil atmosphere that will provide a beautiful setting for “I do’s” and other intimate talks.

In addition, what sets this type of wedding scene apart from the traditional ones celebrated inside cathedrals, is that you can opt to have your marriage ceremony done while you are on board the ship , or you can also have a cruise around the crystal blue waters surrounding the different islands of the Caribbean, and after the voyage, you can stopover at a beautiful spot and exchange your vows on the shore.

The latter option is usually what every bride calls a “dream wedding” set on white sands and unruffled waves. Moreover, the majestic open space that nature offers is also quite impressive for wedding receptions compared to having the party set on hotels where there is much restrictions for fun and actions.

Getting wed on a cruise ship will give you a chance to let the natural world decorate your wedding day. That is, you will be witnessing birds chirping along as you switch vows. You will also feel the refreshing cool breeze of the wind, and the solemnity that the clear blue sky gives.

Many couples have also been impressed with the smell of fresh flowers and trees, and the unexpected natural light that illuminated the whole event, such as the romantic sunrise and sunset, as well as the enchanted beam that the moon and twinkling stars bring.

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