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Men – What They Say And Mean

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Don’t you just hate those words? Here is a guy who tells you that you’re wonderful and everything, but has to let you go. He’ll tell you that he’s the problem, not you. But truth be told, you’re the problem and he just doesn’t know how to say it.

There’s a saying, “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus”. This can be entirely true. Aside from the obvious physical difference between men and women, men have totally different mindsets that make them have entirely dissimilar perspectives towards everything and anything, and tend to mean different things with the words they say.

Here’s an example – when a woman says “I’d like to stay home and relax,” then she’d probably stay home, do a bit of cleaning up, update her to-do lists, and maybe watch TV. But when men say “I’d like to stay home and relax,” they’d probably watch sports on TV, drink beer, surf the Internet, and order out. I hope you can see the difference – men simply don’t think the same way you do.

It doesn’t help things if you nag him about explaining everything in detail – all it’s going to do is push him further away.

To save you from all the heartache and headache guys can give you with what they say, here are some tips to break their language code.

1.“I’m not ready for a serious relationship.” Everybody wants to be in a great relationship, and men are no different. It’s just that they want to have a great relationship with a woman who they find attractive both physically and emotionally. They want someone who’s funny, unpredictable, independent and level-headed – and most of all, they’d like someone who doesn’t need to be taught these things.

2.“I just want my freedom.” A guy would tell you this today, only to be out on a date with another woman only a few days later. These words simply mean that he’s looking for a woman with the qualities in #1 – some of which you probably don’t have. If you’re wondering why he simply doesn’t nag you about it to let you know, it’s simply because men don’t nag – and, as mentioned in #1, they’d prefer they didn’t have to tell you such things.

3.“I’d like an independent woman.” They don’t mean somebody who has her own house and car. This means that they’d like a woman who doesn’t get overly upset by petty issues that comes up in the relationship. On the other hand, they don’t want a passive woman who keeps everything bottled up inside to keep the relationship from going sour, either.

These tips are just a tip of the iceberg in decoding men. Men want their women to have all the good qualities, but usually can’t write these qualities down when asked for it. With these tips, you can arm yourself to know what your man really means and how to guide your relationship to become something happier and more longer-term.

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