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Making Up; The Benefits Can Be Magical

Few would argue that there are more difficult times in our lives than those times when we experience a difficult break up. Whether this is a long or short-term relationship, if we are in love with the other person losing them is hard to accept. In fact, perhaps it is something that we do not necessarily have to accept.

I am not saying that some relationships should not end; even a romantic like me knows that some couples simply are not compatible. But I also know that thousands if not millions of relationships could be saved if a little effort was put forth by at least one of the partners.

I have read the ebook, The Magic Of Making Up and I am sure that book alone could save lots of relationships and probably put some marriage counselors out of business. It is one of those books that gets to the basics of things. I guess you could call it a down to earth or hardcore common sense approach.

The techniques taught in that book are hands on. When an individual is going through a break up they most often experience varying feelings of depression and anxiety. Many people lose their appetite and have difficulty sleepy. Some struggle to get through the days. It seems that hearing songs or seeing places that the couple enjoyed together can bring about extreme feelings of distress.

Although this is normal it is also normal for well intentioned friends and family members to encourage the person in distress to move on with his or her life; to forget about the past and find someone new. This may seem like good advice, and in fact it probably is but when a person is feeling upset over a break up that is not and may not be what they want or need to hear.

Books like the one I mentioned (The Magic of Making Up) can provide the distressed person with benefits such as:

1) Ways to attempt stopping the break up
2) Ways to get the lover back
3) Learning what to say and how to say it
4) Learning what NOT to say
5) How to find out if he or she still cares
6) How to know when to apologize and when not to
7) Ways to trick the ex into thinking you are still together
8) When sex can be counter-productive to reconciliation
9) Learning how to diffuse arguments before they start
10) Learning ways to feel as though time has been turned back for the two of you

Armed with the above information an individual has a much better chance of either getting the ex-lover back and sustaining a healthier relationship from then on out or at least learning what exactly went wrong and hopefully preventing those problems in future relationships.

All of this can be done with an inexpensive ebook, without the hurt, depressed individual needlessly spending a fortune on a counselor. This distressed person is also spared the time investment required for such counseling sessions.

I am not saying that for some people a counselor is not the right choice but I am saying that perhaps self-help should be tried first. A healthy individual may find that they can solve their problems and move forward with the information gathered from an ebook. For others more extensive help may be needed.

getting your ex back or strengthening an existing relationship is possible, but the sooner you start working on it the better! check out: http://magicalmakeups.blogspot.com/ for additional ideas related to romance check out: http://fitinsidenout.com/romance.html

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